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Assertion is a specific skill that can be used to communicate effectively by any team member to avoid mistakes, focus issues and resolve differences. This 12-page educational communication and patient safety training tool is the perfect way to train healthcare professionals  about assertive behavior and set expectations for speaking up in the interest of better communication and patient safety.
Contact Safer Healthcare's team of Crew Resource Management experts to learn how we can help your organization increase levels of patient safety and improve the quality of safe and reliable care while maximizing profitability. Training in communication for nurses and communication skills for all healthcare professionals tuses a patient safety model for assertion that is direct and uncomplicated.

We welcome your questions and inquiries about communication and patient safety and our other programs, products and services. Communication is the ability to share information with people and to understand what information and feelings are being conveyed by others. Place these posters around your facility to encourage team members and staff to practice effective communication skills. Communication can take on many forms including gestures, facial expressions, signs, and vocalizations (including pitch and tone), in addition to speech and written communication.

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