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In other words, I will help you focus on achieving the goals and dreams that are important to you…even if you don’t know what they are just yet! As a Spiritual Life Coach, my job is to encourage you to discover what you truly desire, help expand your vision of what is possible in your life, by unleashing the wisdom and strength that already resides inside of you.
Coaching is a one-on-one conversation where I truly listen to your thoughts and ideas and then ask you questions that help you to think and make good decisions about what steps to take next. Although Spiritual Life Coaching sometimes focuses on the health and wellness, it is not therapy or psychotherapy. I work with people from many different walks of life– From busy Executives, and Stay-at-Home moms, to artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other business owners.
Being coached within a group of motivated friends often brings about rapid discoveries and break-throughs you'll begin to see your own journey reflected in others.
But then, while I was lying in my hospital bed, a woman approached me and told me something that changed my life forever.
If you have some questions about Spiritual Life Coaching, I’d like to take a moment to answer them.
Many times, people aren’t completely sure what they’re meant to do, or what would make them happy. This type of Life Coach helps you to get crystal clear on what you want, what you’re passionate about, and what kind of impact you want to make in the world. Once you know what you want, whether you already know it right now or you discover it during your coaching session, your coach will help you to determine the course of action that will bring you to that goal. A good Spiritual Life Coach can explain to you how these principles work, and how to make sure that they’re working FOR you instead of against you.
As you start to move toward the life of your dreams, your old habits, fears and beliefs will rush to try to hold you back, using an amazing array of subtle tactics to protect the status quo.
This type of Life Coach helps you to discover these obstacles, even if you’re unable to see them yourself, and form a plan for moving past them so that you can move toward your ideal life full-steam ahead, instead of making slow progress, or none at all.
While a Life Coach can help you to heal from the wounds of your past, that isn’t all we do. Or anything else that’s keeping you unhappy, stuck, or living a life that’s less than you desire. Difficulties that have been repeating themselves in your life for years finally go away, and once you know how to create the circumstances you desire instead of the ones you don’t want, you’ll be equipped to create ANYTHING you want in your life, anytime you want it.
In short: far less than the price of living a life that’s less than you were meant to live.

More specifically: People think Become Life Coaches often offer several packages depending on their career, ranging from less than a hundred dollars to a few thousand.
In my 30 years of coaching people, I’ve discovered that we always have more time than we think – we just don’t know how to free up that time.
A Spiritual Coaching can show you how to prioritize your tasks so that the things you truly need to do get done, but you’re no longer wasting your precious life on things that don’t bring you growth, wealth, progress or happiness. If any of these is true for you, a Spiritual Life Coach can help you to overcome the obstacles in your path, and create the life that you’ve been longing to live. There are a lot of Spiritual Life Coaches out there, but not all of them have the training or skills to help you.
You end up understanding the principles in theory, but without a practical system for implementing them into your life, they become ‘shelf-help’, something you put on the back burner and never actually get around to using in a way that creates change.
Many people don’t realize what it takes to be a Spirituality based Life Coach, so they start up a business only to discover that they don’t really understand how to coach their clients.
If you want to get in touch and see whether I’m the right person to help you find your purpose and create the life of your dreams, I invite you to fill out the form below. Thank you for taking action to fulfill your purpose, discover your higher self, and create the life of your dreams! Life Coaching Programs and Coaching Certification by Life by LifeSOULutions, LLC © 2015. Regardless of what you call this inner voice or presence, Spiritual Life Coaching is about expanding the natural wisdom that resides there. No matter which coaching option you choose, you will leave with a concrete set of steps to start you on the next phase of your life’s journey. Spiritual Life Coaching is not an appropriate substitute for proper medical care for mental illness. Paying full price for your coaching sessions is a Karmic win-win opportunity for you to help those in need.
In fact I love the group coaching approach because of the creative energy that is naturally created when people get in a room together and decide combine their positive energy. If you and your friends are as excited as I am about the power of group coaching, contact me and I’ll craft a custom group coaching package to fit your needs.
They live small, constricted lives, accomplishing and experiencing far less than what they were born for. Just as thinking about embarrassing things makes our cheeks turn red, and thinking about something frightening makes our hearts race, the way we think about our life causes tangible effects in our circumstances.

And it’s how I became passionate about helping people to claim their power to create the lives they want, and to find their own purposes, so they could know what they were meant to do with the incredible abilities I helped them to unlock. Unlike self-help books, Life Coaches don’t give you one-size-fits-all advice, or a pile of information that you’re left to digest and implement on your own. We also help you create the future you desire, and to stop repeating the patterns that cause you to get hurt, so you can stop accumulating wounds and start creating the life you want to live… a life you’d LOVE. If any questions come up while you’re going through the material or working on an action step, you can bring them up on the coaching call to get personalized advice.
Which one you choose depends on your needs and budget – if you’d like to get an idea of what I offer, you can look at my catalog or fill out the form below. It turns out, the two are equally important; surviving your whole life without ever living the life you want is the same as a slow death.
I can also show you how to make the tasks you’re already doing take less time, so you actually SAVE more time by working with me than you spend on my coaching. Spiritual Life Training can show you how to use the principles of success and create an action plan to connect to your purpose and build the life of your dreams. You see, without a system for implementation, Spiritual Life Coaching is little better than a self-help book, because it doesn’t tell you how to put its teachings to use.
A member of my team will contact you, and together you’ll explore what you need, what coaching options are available, and whether you and I are a good fit for each other. In this initial consultation, we discuss how Lucid Field Radiance coaching can make a difference in your life. However in many cases, coaching can complement your work with other therapies and counseling.
If you would like to avail of these scholarships, set up an introductory consultation. You can help someone transform their life by making a donation, so they can avail of coaching services when they perhaps need it most, but cannot afford it. Spiritual Life Coaching is concerned with that unseen power that makes you alive: your spirit.
Get in touch with us today to initiate the next stage of your evolution. Following the introductory consultation, you can sign up for life coaching sessions.
That being said, we believe in you and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life and giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream.

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