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Organizations have lived for many years within closed environments, so the approaches that address the challenges from open innovation, puts some tension on leadership and management approaches. This means that going from a situation of analysis of individual contributions of experts to interdisciplinary teams with internal and external relationships requires a very different leadership based on social skills. Strong leaders are those who don’t make others feel smaller, out of context or with feelings of guilt when they fail.
The ability to convey his image, his external feelings in a way that others perceive clearly and that generates trust (trust is the cornerstone in open innovation).

The ability to generate the perception that he is honest with himself but above all with internal staff and external partners. The ability to effectively communicate, explain the concepts clearly and to convince with the ideas, facilitating a common language in innovation. Using fully all the features that they have, open innovation leaders can break through the boundaries between the inside and the outside and promote talent retention and at the same time they enrich the organization with new blood, thus giving rise to a new and richer ecosystem. Overcome the tendency for absolute control and invest in collaboration creates fundamental trust levels for innovating with external partners.

They are ones who add value to employees and create a sense of ability, respect while making them feel welcome.
He lives and works in Portugal as a Consultant in Management and Innovation mainly for SMEs and he gives special attention to the roles and importance of HR in innovation process.

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