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Holmes opted to take a lump sum of $127 million instead of the $188 million, which would have been paid to her through yearly payments.
Holmes said she plans to use the money for her children's education, to travel and to donate to a church and charities. Two other winning tickets purchased in Puerto Rico and Texas also matched all of the numbers in the drawing. She bought 5 tickets and in that first batch was the winning number (she didn't know it yet) and she sent her mother to go buy 5 more.

She wasn't just lazy and not working, in other article it said that she had to quit her job(s) to take care of her children.
11 was in Raleigh Monday afternoon to discuss her giant prize and take questions from the media.
The last time a Powerball jackpot climbed so high was May 2013 when a Florida ticket won a $590.5 million prize. That was a $656 million prize won in March 2012 by players in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland.

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