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This webinar is for any customer that needs a refresher course on managing approvals or would like to get tips on sending reminder emails to employees to ensure timesheets are turned in on time. Customers can either register to participate in a live webinar session and interact with host and other participants or download the webinar session afterwards from this webpage.
The free webinars will be presented on a monthly basis and archived on the Journyx website forever. In this webinar, we will review the steps needed to create and manage approval templates including reminder emails and late notifications.
Please contact NEOTECHSOFT sales team to learn more about eMEETplus L1000 and possible implementation of this desktop video e-learning and webinar software. Integrated with leading CRM and marketing automation systems, ON24's patented webinar marketing platform enables marketers to optimize demand generation, enhance customer engagement and accelerate opportunities in their sales pipelines.
A webinar is web-based video and audio training delivered directly to your computer via the Internet. Shortly after a webinar is completed, all registrants will receive access to the webinar recording to watch at their convenience even if they were not able to watch the live webinar.
Both types of registrations include live webinar, participant handouts, and session video recordings.

To deliver the webinars to your computer, we work with GoToWebinar which uses either your phone or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), so you listen right from your own computer speakers via your Internet connection. Each webinar is scheduled for 60-75 minutes based on a start time in the Mountain time zone (indicated for each webinar training session and provided in your confirmation email messages). This webinar will focus on advanced features within the Invivo Software such as creation of video clips, superimposition of datasets, stitching of datasets, 3-D modeling and MD Studio.
It is recommended that the attendee has already completed or viewed the Invivo for Beginners webinar.
The solution can be used as portal service to provide seamless webinars for end users as Software as a Service (SaaS). Learn great software tips and techniques from Dawn Bjork Buzbee, Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Microsoft certified expert and apply your knowledge immediately! GoToWebinar is a reliable service but a few organizations block access to the site and you may need time to gain access for the web training. As you have likely experienced in other training, one person’s issue may not apply to everyone else attending the seminar. In fact, more than 60% of the webinars I deliver are customized for specific organizations with a targeted training on a tailor-made outline of topics that are most important in their workplace.

Stop wasting time and money and partner with a Microsoft Certified Trainer to create customized training programs.
This webinar will focus on all aspects of the Invivo Software features related to Orthodontic planning, including constructing Panoramics, Cephalometrics, TMJ views and 3-D Ceph Analysis.
Use this desktop video e-learning software to share documents and web pages, make presentations and to collaborate with training and e-learning participants.
Custom webinars can include your own examples, question and answer sessions, chat, and other interactive features. This webinar session will review the use of the basic tools and functions in the Implant and other Screens for optimal Implant Planning in i-CATVision software, including nerve canal estimation.
Dramatically increase the company-wide efficiency by providing seamless training, changes in strategy, online education without going through the hassle of arranging a training session or large group. I will be sharing insider tips throughout and will also give you another way to ask your questions before and after the webinars.

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