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The answer is that effective communication skills are needed to understand one another and to work effectively toward a common goal, no matter the situation. Invite the leadership team members to discuss the importance of effective office communications and to consider how they communicate. Start by developing a communication plan that includes everyone in your firm who has supervisory responsibility. Hold preliminary meetings to introduce the subject of office communications and provide an opportunity to discuss whether the participants agree that a need for enhancement exists. In each case, there is a self-evaluation test, feedback on the results, and ideas for skills you and your team want to develop. In a recent article, an associate noted that during her performance review, the evaluator spent 10 minutes acknowledging her achievements and the next 50 talking about how she needed to improve. Simple, free survey tools such as SurveyMonkey or Zoomerang can be used to measure the success of your communications skill improvement program.

If your looking to improve you’re overall lifestyle and get more out of life than you need to have effective communication skills to do that.
Ask the leadership team about their views about communications in your office and how they think they are doing inkeeping employees informed,spending time with those they supervise, anddeveloping the lawyers and staff they supervise.Work as a team. A suggested communications action plan includes several key elements, each centered on an action step. Each of the assessments available online offers a different approach to skill development.DEVELOP A TRAINING PLAN The training plan should include specific communication skills you and your team have decided need improvement.
Perhaps, rather than focusing on the negative, positive feedback could be offered, emphasizing the strengths of the person reviewed so that those strengths can be built upon and used to bring about improvements in other areas.One way to develop better feedback skills is to engage professional speakers to provide guidance on the subject to lawyers in the firm. You will need to bring together the various elements within the firm to create an environment that values effective communication.
For an in-depth description of the actions steps, why they are important and how to implement them, see the table at right.CREATE THE TEAMSA team approach to improve office communications ensures commitment to the plan and encourages team members to work together on their individual plans for improvement.

Steve Jobs was famous for it.Another communication skill you and your team can include in your training plan is encouraging and responding to feedback from others. Law firms that have provided professional training report that the sessions can be an eye-opener to senior lawyers and group leaders.
First, you and your team could take the assessment test again and note improvements in your responses. Questions could be asked about the frequency of MBWA, success of using the methods recommended at educational sessions or other questions relating to the skills you and your team are working on.

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