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The Church Leadership Training Workshop is composed of three sessions structured to grow and strengthen the core leadership of The Church of the Cross. The school is also opened to people from other churches who will be trained after which they will go back to their Churches. Utilizing Scripture and numerous texts, Pastor Chuck teaches our leadership team and others who have a desire to become great leaders. From the Charismatic School of the Bible one can enroll into the Charismatic Leadership Training School for further training and grooming for leadership and pastoral work.

The Charismatic Leadership Training School was started in 2001 to train pastors and leaders for the Church. To experience true growth spiritually and in membership, attendance and effectiveness, it is imperative that Church leaders learn how to constantly develop and equip new leaders. Students from this school after completion are consecrated either as Pastors or leaders to serve in various leadership positions as branch pastors or leaders to serve in various capacities as determined by the General Overseer. Non-members will go through a special interview for consideration and selection into the school.

Each of these topics is an individual learning module and can be grouped in any combinations and customized to the unique needs and time available of the hosting Church. It is highly interactive and includes a number of fun but substantial activities to illustrate the key learning points that help you incorporate them for immediate benefit at your Church!

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