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If you've seen people doing crazy jumps over railings and through cities, these trained experts are probably practicing either parkour, or free running. Remember that while large gatherings have the potential to be an extension of the smaller training and discovery sessions, too often they devolve into a roaming herd that quickly grazes over obstacles while looking for the next big trick.
While it is important that you take your training seriously and that you try to develop your own style, there are certain basic things that you need to know before you can truly reach your full potential. With Free run and parkour, just think of yourself doing it and landing it 10 times better and say to yourself that theres no such thing as failure. Run, jump, flip, climb, swing and vault through Kids That Rip's new parkour training course.

Like all sports, parkour requires regular training to be effective, otherwise your skills will drop off. Getting together with a small group (2-4 people) can shed new light on your training regimen.
Free Running is similar, but it also involves aesthetic movements such as flips, spins and many other forms of flair. A coach who is still connected to the community through free outdoor training sessions is a good bet. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and an outfit you're comfortable moving and exercising in.

Once you have overcome this mental obstacle and risen above the poor standards set by many others, you can take your training in many different directions.

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