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Edutech’s application rollout training solutions help organizations achieve successful IT implementations for a range of enterprise applications. Edutech assists clients improve productivity through successful Change management, instructional design, training materials development, and employee training all focused on needs of each project stake holder. Change Management Strategy: Change Management Strategy Existing Product, process , service Gap in performance Focus on fixing gap through targeted recommendations IMPROVE 1 Current product, process, service far Short of needs or No existing product, process or service Focus on creating vs. Our well-integrated planning and team approach provides the foundation essential for a successful change. Win an all-costs paid trip to South Africa to be a element of a week-lengthy entrepreneurship workshop management training change simply because consists of it potent brain. The single most important decision in ensuring the success of your software implementation is choosing a training partner who will guide you through all facets of the Change Management lifecycle.

This include IT applications (ERP, SCM, and CRM - SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Hospital Management Solutions, EHR Systems, Core Banking software etc.), desktop productivity tools and Proprietary applications.
Available for a limited time, this FREE assessment will provide you with an accurate, objective representation of your organization’s change management maturity. Change management draws from human behavior, business goals, economic conditions, organization practices, and a host of other considerations.
Our team has also turned around situations where a change effort has started to fail, enabling the merger to continue successfully.
Training is consistently an under-budgeted item and is often the first item cut in the budget. Choosing the right partner that understands both learning and training will impact your implementation and determine the overall success of the rollout within your organization.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, Edutech will deliver a personalized evaluation of your organization’s change Management Readiness, and discuss ways to improve your capabilities. Our change management know-how works equally well in large nation-wide change efforts and in small company changes impacting only a local department. Gartner research asserts that companies allocating less than 13 percent of project costs to training are three times more likely to have their ERP projects fall short of business and project goals compared with companies that spend 17 percent or more on training.

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