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We asked 14 child nutrition director questions about their training programs, ranging from who does the training and how often training is done to what types of additional training they feel their staff could benefit from.
Faced with the increasing complexity and risks inherent in the electric industry and the importance of financial decision-making, NRECA is changing its educational program for co-op directors. New directors can often spend significant time getting to understand their role and the operation of the board before they are able to make an effective contribution. They are designed to suit the specific needs of the client and provide a comprehensive introduction to corporate governance, director skills and strategic planning in a manner that combines information transfer, practical exercises and focused discussion. Our manager trainees receive about 130 hours of classroom training and a 90-day internship under a training manager. The staff was able to meet the farmer, walk around the farm, and learn how the produce is grown and prepared for distribution.
Rod Crile, a regional vice president of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp., discusses co-op finances during an NRECA Directors’ School session.
As of June 1, the organization’s Credentialed Cooperative Director courses will begin placing more emphasis on effective financial oversight.
The role of non-executive directors is particularly challenging, with the need to be independent of the management team and yet sufficiently well informed to challenge, scrutinise and manage risk.
Brefi Group provides a range of customised workshops for prospective, new and existing directors and for boards using proven modules to suit individual and corporate needs.

Brefi Group helps directors and board become more effective by clarifying goals, improving communication and applying good corporate governance. The Director Development Centre audits corporate governance and helps directors and boards become more effective by clarifying goals and improving communication.
CorporateCoach is a free newsletter for senior executives and teams in organisations interested in using coaching to improve corporate performance.
There's no question the quality of JATC and AJATC graduates is directly affected by the quality of the training materials used and the way it was taught. For over 70 years, we have been helping training directors improve their programs with the best curriculum in the industry and by working with them every step of the way. We're there every step of the wayWe don't want to simply drop off training materials on your doorstep and run. Having provided training curriculum for over 70 years to JATC's and AJATC's across North America, we've been through everyindustry innovation and milestone. We partnered with the director of volunteers in our hospital gift shop and opened a gift-shop espresso bar.
And co-op elections produce a steady stream of new directors who need an overview of their duties. Directors also noted that they bring in outside personnel to do training on new technology pieces or other highly specific topics.

About 64 percent of the 7,400 directors now serving the nation’s nearly 900 electric distribution co-ops and G&Ts have earned their CCD certificates. Each of our employees has a professional growth plan developed for them by their supervisor.
NRECA will expand its “Financial Decision-Making” course to give directors more exposure to financial statements, equity management and capital credits. It does help to pay to have some training done by outside presenters as they give a new perspective and add their own insights and examples.
They run through the trayline with the trainer and a couple of other directors operating the line.
Once a year we join with several surrounding districts for an all staff training session that focuses on a variety of subjects from customer service to dealing with difficult staff.

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