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By improving leadership skills and applying them to specific organizational change challenges, WSA has been able to achieve an exceptionally high rate of success in assisting organizations to achieve successful implementation of improvement in organizational competence and performance. The program typically includes seven formal one-day modules offered over seven months, along with a wide variety of supporting informal learning activities and on-the-job applications between the instructional modules. Leadership and management skills are among the most critical resources for facing these challenges.
The sessions evolve in complexity as the leadership model is developed through the program.
To help ensure application of the concepts and skills developed in the program, learning teams are formed to reinforce personal action plans and on-the-job applications. The middle section - Modules 3, 4 and 5 - addresses concepts and skills related to performance management and team development. The energy, focus and leadership of Top Management are a critical success factor for organizational change.
Validated in use by small and large companies alike, the program enhances the skills of active leaders and managers while developing organizational competence through the real-time problem-solving exercises built into the program design. Leadership skills in developing a vision, setting strategy and guiding large scale organizational change to achieve that vision are included in this higher level segment of the program. WSA has been offering this unique Leadership Development Program for more than twenty-five years with thousands of managers and leaders across the globe.

This program has been designed for individuals who have significant management or leadership responsibilities.
Develop leadership and management skills to complement the technical competence of your organization. The first segment - Modules 1-2 - focuses on personal and interpersonal leadership skills and styles. The final section - Modules 6 and 7 - broadens into organizational design and strategic skills. To begin discussions on how the WSA leadership development program can enable your Top Management team, contact WSA. Specific, targeted organizational change challenges create the learning lab for application of the skills being taught. Knowledge workers require a different way of being managed, and respond to a different type of leadership. Increase the leadership bench strength your organization will need to continue its success in the future.
An organizational change challenge needed as lab work for application of the skills taught in the leadership development program. This may include functional (departmental) management responsibilities, cross-functional team responsibilities or other similar leadership roles.

A well developed leadership development program acts as a catalytic force to drive the success of any leadership team wishing to achieve substantial improvements in organizational performance. Give your next generation of leaders the skills they need to help prepare your company for the challenges that lie ahead.
The class becomes a fully integrated real-work action laboratory in which ideas and activities are developed in the workshop, tried out on-the-job, and feedback is provided both between sessions and in the next formal workshop experience.
For instance, if your leadership skills rate an 8 out of 10, then your level of influence will be 7 at the most. Recent research has validated the primal nature of emotional intelligence as fundamental to successful leadership.
This section helps the participants examine their personal and interpersonal leadership styles and develop additional skills and tools for their leadership roles.

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