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Top Personal Training Certifications: Canada is a chart comparing the best personal trainer certifications in Canada from an unbiased view so you can choose from the best personal trainer courses available! If you’re looking, we also did a personal trainer certification comparison for the United States. ThePTDC is in no way affiliated with any personal training certification so you can be assured that the following is 100% unbiased. A good personal trainer is somebody who has the combined knowledge and passion to provide a high quality service. If you think a personal training certification will prepare you for training clients you are in for a surprise.
This 10-part audio series will blow away the cobwebs of confusion leaving clarity on how to fast track towards your personal and professional potential.

Most gyms won’t hire you without one but it really doesn’t matter which one you have (unless of course the certification is owned by the same company that owns your gym, then you’re stuck).
Unless you’re only going to be training people who are exactly like you then it’s going to take some work learning other methods. There mare many education paths to take for personal trainers and it’s up to you to find and follow your own. I am somebody who spent $10-15,000 a year on continuing education while I was a personal trainer. It also means your obese best friend who makes fun of you when you go to the gym while they sit at home beating every update of Angry Birds is also a personal trainer. It’s one of the ways that I developed the massive reading list of the best books for personal trainers.

It would be a pretty tough sell for a company to advertise a $5,000 personal trainer certification that lasts 2 years when another place sells it for $200 in a weekend.
With that being said, below is a comparison of the Canadian personal training certifications.

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