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It’s easy to get caught up in mundane “busy” work that distracts you from more important projects. If you find it hard to get your work done because of drop-in visitors, don’t be shy about shutting your door to discourage interruptions. Some people have a hard time staying focused because the piles and stacks distract them from the task at hand. Rather than simply piling all of your paperwork into a single “in-box” tray, consider setting up a series of action files in a rack or box on your desk with one for each type of to-do. These may seem like simple tasks but combined they add up to a great improvement in efficiency and time management in the workplace. Marley is truly an inspirational woman, and I’m excited for her to share some tips that really anyone can use to maximize their time and efficiency every day.
You might have a folder for “to file,” one for “to read,” one for “to contact” or whatever makes sense for your job. And Twitter apps will be familiar needed for enriching social experiences been applying the. Take control of your time: The first step is to really look at how you are spending your time each day. Prioritize each day: Start every day by listing the six most important things you can do for the day.
Commit a chunk of time on a specific day to each item on your list and you will be amazed at how quickly you get it all done.

Let routine items that have no set deadline and that take a bit longer pile up (in a folder, not in a stack) for a few days, then tackle the whole batch at once. This should not be the six most annoying items or items someone else says are urgent; they are the six most important goals to help you achieve your business goals, whether it is calling a prospect or finishing a project for a client. Of course, you don’t want to lock people out all day long, but this is a particularly useful technique when you really need to concentrate for just an hour or two. You may think that you’re being efficient by responding the second a new communication comes in but many times, the reverse is true. Clear the clutter off of your desk and other visible surfaces, then only have out what you are currently working on.
Emptying them out of your head will allow you to stay focused on the task at hand, without fear of forgetting something important. It’s not always the best use of your time for you to tackle a to-do right when it comes in. Please refer to the LEGAL NOTICES page of the site for more information on intellectual property. In the same way people are told to keep a food diary when they want to lose weight, keep track of how you spend every minute and do it for at least two weeks. Loaded with gorgeous tips and takes on invitations, fashion, parties, weddings, decor, gifts and more, CeciStyle is free and full of trusted, time-saving advice. Take control of email once and for all: Make this the year you take control of one of the biggest challenges everyone, especially business owners, face – keeping email in check.

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By having a regularly scheduled time and system, you eliminate the constant checking of email, which hurts focus and the ability to get important tasks completed.
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Set aside specific times for employee issues and empower them to resolve issues on their own. Monday: Office day – handle employee meetings and issues, pay bills, sign checks, then work on client tasks.
Tuesday: Work on pre-determined client project work in office – no external meetings or lunches. Tip: If a client says to you, “I need to see you Tuesday,” and it must happen, then switch your days for that week.

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