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This is a great opportunity for all first-year students to gain valuable advice with decision-making, scheduling and time management strategies. In the real world, if you don’t get things done on time, you get yelled at for an hour and a half straight while your director tells you how worthless you are. These masked killers of time known by many destroy countless hours of the day with nothing to show for it. Once upon a time, I slept for three hours in a span of four days and nights, and i finished all three of my culminating projects, some late stuff, after not going to class for about two weeks. We’ve Been There is where OCAD Faculty and other guests contribute their time management tales and strategies.
So I registered for the workshop, and I am totally all praise about everything Starfish related. The workshop started and I was totally blown away with all the information that Sam and Hannah had prepared.
If you enjoyed Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders, I think you will be delighted with this second edition. Every good thing we do for our students, our families, our communities, or ourselves is accomplished through the dimension of time.

This year we’ve switched to a workshop format in an effort to make the event more participatory. Procrastination is something that we all test and usually the amount of what you achieve at a constrained timeline will produce a terrible outcome, which i bet you all will not be as happy with, but proud that you made it that far! Time Management for School Leaders shows you how to achieve total control & peace of mind.Learn how to work from a clean desk with this sneak peek into the book.
When that many people from the same area of the state come together to hear the same message at the same time, the potential future conversation is great. In Online Resources, you’ll find links to useful websites, topical articles, and other ideas on how to best manage your time. Thanks to The Leadership Committee for English Education in Quebec for the invitation to be a part of the Leadership for School Improvement Workshop.
On an ordinary day pulling an all-nighter wouldn’t have been a problem, except this time around I had already pulled one the night before. Learn to manage your time and organize your surroundings, and you open the potential for accomplishment in many areas.
This chart will help you figure out the free time you have to slot in homework or time with your friends.

Also if you’re doing an installation piece take your estimated time of set up and double it. Whatever your plans this summer, do take time to engage with your child in real ways using everyday activities. The workshop is an intensive program for Quebec school leaders willing to make a significant commitment of time and energy to improve their skills. Take your time on what really matters to you, so that at the end of the semester you can be proud of at least a project or two. Because organization and time management are so vital to school leadership, this workshop was included in the series both this year and last. Now, you have tremendous potential for the concepts to take root and make a difference for many people for a very long time. Keep it simple, schedule your time in a way that isn’t conflicting so you can relax and focus on the task at hand.

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