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Subscribe via emailEnter your email address below (and enter the CAPTCHA in the Feedburner popup screen).This is a FeedBurner service. After last week’s article about dealing with an overflowing inbox, this week I’ll add some more handy tricks to have less quantity and more quality email in your life. The next three articles in this series will deal with Email Time Management and getting things done when working from home.
Turn Off Notifications – No one wants to hear those incessant new email pop-ups on your desktop or chimes on your phone. Don’t you think, though by avoiding time in email and replacing with things like Trello or Slack, the time still gets spent. Be Decisive – Reading an email, closing it, and then leaving it in your inbox is counter-productive.
Some people are convinced this is the only answer to explain the mountain of email that appears in their inbox. It should go without saying, but if you want less email, then do not engage in spam or associate with those who do.
Systemically, it has root causes that can be found much deeper than the way it’s being tackled today. However, there are more efficient communication tools out there that will keep your communication on track.
As well, I am the author of the book 31 Days, 31 Ways: Daily Tips for Time Management Mastery.
Unless you do something about it in the meantime, you’ll procrastinate as much later as you do today.
Make a list while you process your emails, then close your email and start on the work (according to your priorities). I used to be stressed all the time and complain about not being able to do what I wanted; now I just decide what I want to do and make time for it. You need to get into your work from scratch again, losing you time again regaining your focus and flow. I was working at a Fortune 15 company that accidentally sent out an email to all employees that could be replied to. Most people feel that they are powerless to hold back the flood of email pouring into their inbox.

This one may offend some, but just because you send me an email does not mean I am obligated to respond to it. For work email, when triaging a big inbox in Outlook after being offline for a day or more, I view the emails by thread instead of straight chronological order. Drives me nuts when someone is presenting on a projector in a meeting and their emails keep popping up on the screen. About Me I am the author of Time Management Ninja and help individuals and companies reclaim their time to be more productive. If you find you have nothing to put in Sector III and IV, you’re probably taking on too much.
Instead, you are shuffling low priority messages with co-workers or playing email Ping-Pong when you could be getting your work done. Many people spend long hours in the office when they could get their work done if they would stop playing with their email. Add the most important email tasks to your todo list and start with Email Overload Prevention.
I don’t think that most people realize how much time they actually spend in their email box.
For instance, I have filters that separate my Facebook notifications from the rest of my email. We often have the tendency to put too many things on the list, and then hop from one job to the other, just getting small parts of each done and generally losing loads of time getting into each task.
I can personally say that I’ve hardly ever needed any of my emails again, and when I did I found another way to deal with the situation. Start with the most important, before you do anything else (especially before checking your email).
If you want to be more productive in your day, you need to stop playing with your email and concentrate on your most important tasks.
Spending too much time reading and writing emails is definitely a common problem and now that pretty much everyone has some kind of smart mobile device, I think the problem is getting worse. Check It Regularly – If you never read your email, there is bound to be something in there that is going to burn you.
One thing I heard from a Paul Boag talk, similar to what is mentioned above is the idea of having set times that you check your email rather than having it open all the time.

When you get the same question all the time, write down your answer in a document or email template. Social networks like Facebook are a powerful way to stay connected, but two or three times a day for five minutes should suffice. Scan the contents quickly, don’t answer them and collect them in your ‘Action’ folder (see the previous post on email management). Definitely check your email less, turn off any sounds and notifications and don’t go looking around in your mailbox for things to reply to! Many people could safely change their job to ‘Email Specialist’, because all they seem to do all day is send emails to and fro.
The fact that we can reclaim 97 hours a year (about a month of work) by getting control of our email is amazing. Getting started is the hardest part of any job and we make ourselves do it over and over by allowing email to distract us.
Sadly, most of the time it brings you routine stuff that just distracts you from what you could be doing.
Our tool actively puts the messages you need to see it front of you (and the rest on the shelf), and actually automatically takes care of some messages for you!
So harness the power of time: limit the amount of hours you work and work more productively while you’re at it.
You’re still sitting on a giant dungpile of emails that may or may not contain something important.
You get less by removing yourself from mailing lists that are just ads and sending only emails to those you need to as ccing he universe is asking for trouble. That way, we end up in a rut of endless operational tasks that never allows us the time to work on those dream projects of ours. Get your answer from the horse’s mouth, and avoid endless email conversations with half the world in CC. Keeping your mailbox open all the time is one of those universal habits that doesn’t make any sense.

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