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Yet, true to the proverb, today’s mothers are expected to be everywhere – home, office, kid’s school – and if time permits, at the gym, club, social functions.  The list could go on. Plan your pregnancies.  More than one wailing child will eat up all your time, unless you a supermom.
This entry was posted in All, Working Mom and tagged How the working mothers should plan their day, Supermom, Time Management Tips for Working Moms. Being a working mother can be tough and here you'll find help with managing your time so that you can also enjoy life.The term working mom, I think is a misnomer.

As an example, people who readily identify "prime" time with television may not realize that they also have their personal "prime" time, an hour or more during the day when they are most productive. Others may not do the job exactly as you might, but the fact that they're doing it allows you time for other activities and interests, Walker says.
It is perfectly acceptable to want some time away from them, whether it is for yourself, your friends or to be intimate with your husband. Identifying your "prime" time and learning to use it productively can free up time for other activities, says Walker.

Learning basic time management skills can, however, free up some time for activities and interests.

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