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At the beginning of each semester, one of the first things you should do is review your syllabi for important dates like assignment deadlines, exam dates and clinical hours and add them to your various planning devices: appointment book, smartphone, tablet, wall calendar, etc. Taking time at the beginning of each week to organize your school and personal responsibilities can save you a lot of time and frustration in nursing school. As fun as it is to see Aunt Betsy’s dog pictures on Facebook, extended time on social media networks is often a huge distraction.
Nursing school brings with it a whole new set of challenges the average nursing student has to adjust to: care plans, foleys, sputum, manikins, auscultations, patients, sparkling white sneakers and skill competencies. Each day, we hear stories from current and prospective students about what drew them to a nursing career.
Nursing is a demanding job and it can often feel as though there are not enough hours in the day to complete all of your tasks.

Using these time management tips for nurses is one way to make your life a little easier, as well as getting more done!
Many nurses say that while planning is a good idea, their days are too unpredictable to plan. On the employment front, I see the necessity of all hospital and medical entities moving towards employee time tracking majorily to track down and update the system with the latest government changes and implementation on the compliance. Limit your time on these networks and only log in after you’ve completed your school work. Due to the unpredictable nature of your nursing job, you can’t be sure that you will have time later. Ask yourself what will sensibly happen on the off chance that you put off collapsing the clothing for a day or if the dishes are not done today evening time.

However, nurses who do plan their day and the tasks they have to accomplish will find that they get more done with less stress. Start looking at tasks and seeing when you will have time in your day to get one or two items done.
The hectic pace of the job is one of the reasons that many nurses get burned out and stressed out. Of course, but there is no one you can say "no" to as a staff nurse and not get into trouble for.

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