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On top of making the flashcard process fun, Quizlet gives users a range of ways to integrate their learning into their lives.
If there is a weakness in Quizlet, it’s only that games can distract as well as entertain, and short attention span users may wander from their studies. To read more about Quizlet or to find similar flashcard applications there is the Listio search: flashcards+learn. Quizlet also provides a number of options for users who prefer different modes of learning.

Using this method Quizlet is able to pair answers in games, which are the main feature of Quizlet. This is something that Quizlet does well, incorporating games, knowledge, and testing to make learning easy. Alternatively, teachers can create lesson plans ahead of time and share these "classes" with their students in order to introduce new material or review old materials.
Even with that, Quizlet is a strong flashcard application, that will have appeal for most users.

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