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A fantastic book that I recently finished readying and studying is the Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, which has really changed my way of thinking lately and I’ve been working on practicing the concepts in the book.
I originally watched the Peaceful Warrior movie years ago and it had a lot of powerful lessons and insights that I had used to improve my life. I loved the book so much that I decided to read the follow-up book called Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior, which goes deeper into the lessons and concepts from the Way of the Peaceful Warrior.
It isn’t until one night Dan wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to take a walk to a nearby gas station that he encounters an old man that he calls Socrates, who begins mentoring him and exposes how deeply unhappy Dan is. Without spoiling the story, I’m going to share below some of the most powerful insights for me. The lesson here is simple: nothing in your outer world will ever make you happy or fulfilled. Another lesson in the book is the idea that daily life provides the spiritual weight lifting that strengthens our spirits as we ascend the mountain path. While experience and wisdom is important, in the Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Socrates teaches Dan that there’s a difference between Knowing and Doing. Furthermore, the best performers had the quietest minds during their moment of truth… For the first time, I realized why I loved gymnastics so. This is one of the most powerful concepts and lessons I got from the Way of the Peaceful Warrior.
A big theme in the Way of the Peaceful Warrior that Socrates instills in Dan is the power of NOW.
Check out the YouTube videos below for some gold nuggets of wisdom from Socrates in the Peaceful Warrior movie. Another powerful lesson from the Way of the Peaceful Warrior is when Socrates decides to take Dan on a hike.
This was another huge lesson for me that I can relate to, as often we get so caught up in our goals that we don’t pay attention to or really enjoy the journey. There are so many more amazing powerful lessons that I got from the Way of the Peaceful Warrior book by Dan Millman, along with the Peaceful Warrior movie. ABOUT STEFAN PYLARINOSI'm an entrepreneur, internet marketer and fitness enthusiast with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being. Download The Free Life Mastery ToolkitGet Free Instant Access To The Life Mastery Toolkit And Take Your Life To The Next Level. In this fun and engaging interview with the one and only Dan Millman, we cover a lot of ground. In the interview, Dan reveals how he found his life path, how his amazingly popular Peaceful Warrior book got off to an initially rocky start, and how he has learned to find balance in his life. Dan is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor.

Dan’s tsixteen books, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, have inspired and informed millions of readers in 29 languages worldwide.
Dan has another fantastic book called The Life You Were Born to Live, which uses your date of birth to reveal your hidden life path and issues you may be dealing with in this lifetime.
Dan Millman (Scott Mechlowicz) is a gifted young athlete bound for Olympic gold who will do anything to be the best. In the intervening decades, I have softened a bit, as I have learned more about myself and as I have come to realize how powerful my thoughts are in creating my experience.
Set in the 1960s, the book takes the reader on Dan’s multi-year journey toward enlightenment.
So far, so good, and not unlike many other books I’ve read that delve into self awareness, the quest for purpose in life, and a little bit of spirituality. And finally, toward the end of the book, Dan completes the leg of his journey that involves Socrates by appearing to shirk his familial responsibilities and travel the world instead. None of these issues precludes a snarky reader like me from benefitting from the book, but it does require a bit of fancy footwork to distract my inner seventh grader. Around a month or so ago, I re-watched the movie and decided to pick up the book to learn more about Dan Millman’s story and philosophy towards life. The book shares Dan’s journey through university as a world-champion gymnast who has a passion to succeed and make it to the Olympics. It’s a practice that Dan focuses on throughout the book that changes his life for the better.
On the way up the mountain, Dan is excited and really loving the hike, anticipating what Socrates is going to show him. We spend the majority of our lives in the pursuit of achieving things, so we might as well ENJOY IT.
Project Life Mastery is a way for me to be a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilites that life offers, while sharing ideas that can make a difference in your quality of life.
I also try to get Dan to reveal the truth about the real identity of the character Socrates from Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and he does! His keynotes, seminars, and workshops span the generations to influence men and women from all walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, sports, entertainment, and the arts. Driven by success, Dan has got it all: trophies, fast motorcycles, fast girls, and wild parties. Among other things, I now am open to reading books and watching movies on self-help and positive thinking, books and movies that my 12-year-old self would have rolled her eyes at and made fun of in an effort to get the laugh. The book tells the story of college student and world-class gymnast Dan, who is surprised to find his schoolwork and athletic pursuits do not fulfill him as he had expected they would.
As he works with Socrates and tries to internalize messages about living in the moment and perceiving oneself as interconnected with all other living things, Dan finds more inner peace, more success in his athletic pursuits, and more fulfillment.

Where the pre-teen in me has something to say is in some of the prose, in some of the more magically realistic images, and in some of the choices the protagonist makes that seem at odds with the central message of the story.
Perhaps this is an issue inherent in writing about this kind of subject matter, but some of the rhetorical choices are a bit precious for my personal taste, and they drive home the nature of the book rather than enabling me to get lost in the story and make my own connections. As a firm believer myself in the educative and self-actualizing powers of travel (and as a semi-retired traveling dirtbag), I understand how rewarding it can be to chuck it all and allow the search for self to become a geographically diverse one. I was able to relate to this, as for me, I find I have different activities that are my way of getting out of my head. If you can truly live in the moment and get out of your head, you can be free of all of the garbage in your head and perform at levels you never thought possible. We talk briefly about the book in the interview, but Dan also has a great tool on his site that you should check it. But Dan’s world is turned upside down when he meets a mysterious stranger in a gas station (Nick Nolte) who holds the power to tap into new worlds of strength and understanding. I see now that for me there is actually something to be said for self-help and positive thinking, because I have applied them to my own life and seen a return on my investment. Socrates presents Dan with a series of challenges ranging from fasting to meditation to controlling his breathing, slapping him about the head when he proves to be obstinate or dismissive.
But as an adult, I also understand that doing so while leaving others to hold the bag is selfish and irresponsible.
The message is a timeless one infinitely relevant to all those who are looking for a way to matter in their own lives, and the flaws are a good reminder that we all have work to do, even those whose work provides guidance to the rest of us. From then on, she became hugely invested in educating herself about how to optimize her body movement for BJJ and how to support it in doing so.
There’s one part in the book where Socrates throws Dan over a bridge into the water, just to clear his mind.
I recommend going through both – it will definitely change the way you look at your life, I know it did for me.
The young man discovers that he has much to learn and even more to leave behind in order to master this new vision of greatness in this moving tale about the power of human will. Dan eventually befriends the old man and nicknames him Socrates, both because the man refuses to reveal his real name and because over time he ends up serving as Dan’s mentor and spiritual guide. He then describes to Dan how there are no ordinary moments – that there is never nothing going on. Based on the semi-autobiographical book loved by millions, “WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR” by Dan Millman.

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