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15-year-old Sally Hanson's school is secretly ruled by a group of students known as the 'Shadow Council'.
This year Sally is the Shadow Council's victim - and she is about to face the worst year of her life. However, Sally has been hiding a horrifying secret - a secret that threatens to overwhelm her as the betrayal and psychological torture grows.

Every autumn Shadow Council holds 'The Lottery', a dreaded ritual which picks a pupil to be the 'victim' - a person who is ignored by the entire school and forced to become Shadow Council's slave.Sally is this year's victim - and she faces the worst year of her life.
But rather than being a lottery "winner", the selected student is doomed to become the lottery "victim", someone who has to obey every command of the Shadow Council, however distasteful, and - worse - gets shunned by the entire student body for a full year.This is not a book for the faint-hearted (this is why I recommend it to 8th graders+) but it is nevertheless a fantastic read. At the beginning of every school year, the Shadow Council hold The Lottery, an infamous ritual in which a student is chosen to be the year's 'victim' - a person who is shunned by the entire school and forced to obey the Shadow Council's every wish.

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