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Software myth #1: The more the merrier Time and again, events in daily life remind me of M3. In his blog and now his book, Maeda shares his highly-evolved but ever-changing Laws of Simplicity. EMBODYING simplifies complexity because the designer infuses the highest quality components and materials inside the object and allows for rich customer experiences to unfold one meaningful experience after the other.
His intelligent observations on how we’re all drawn to clean, simple design, such as the iPod interface, and yet we still expect it to perform many complex functions forms the back bone to his laws.
Simplicity has currency in the marketplace, as much now as it did when this was published in 2006. One of the most immediately useful and powerful laws for a someone in a ‘creative’ position is the first one, Reduce. Thankfully Maeda has avoided filling the book with re-purposed observations of brands and the case studies de jour, instead seeking to show you useful strategies of how needing less can lead to getting more.

Football (whose cheerleaders look downright trampy compared to the ladies who the Law of Attraction to attract. And MIT Professor John Maeda has taken a few steps to simplify simplicity for all us business, technology, and design-minded folks.
My background includes a decade working deep inside the marketing departments at Starbucks Coffee and Whole Foods Market.
As the title suggests Maeda has taken a very practical look at simplicity producing a set of laws which you can view as a tool to understand what I’ve now really learned is the oddly complex subject of simplicity. My ‘ping’ moment was law ten – simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful. This site uses the Basic Maths theme for WordPress, designed by Khoi Vinh & Allan Cole. The book winds down by looking at the three keys – a cluster of technologies relevant to simplicity.

While reading the Brand Autopsy blog post on Simplifying Simplicity, I came across MIT Professor John Maeda’s book, The Laws of Simplicity, released last August.
The final pages encourage a reflection on whether technology is shaping us more than the other way around so perhaps ignore the temptation to check your emails for a couple of hours and make time to read this.
Hiding features like those allow people to discover the features they use on an as-needed basis.
This is the notion of ‘improved’ not always meaning ‘more’ explored through a process of thoughtful reduction.
This was explained through a metaphor of rugby and champagne bubbles – the former alludes me but the latter I’m more comfortable with.

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