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By practicing and applying the law of attraction, you have the ability to make a huge difference in the way you approach and experience life.
When using the law of attraction theory you need to first figure out what it is you desire. Again, the key to the law of attraction is using positive energy to get what it is you want. Positive energy will push you towards reaching your goals whereas, negative energy will hold you back. Before you start practicing the law of attraction, you may want to think about the type of energy you are currently exuding. In addition, you will need to consider the energy you are receiving from those with whom you surround yourself . When you project positive energy you attract positive results; relationships, work, health, friends etc. With hard work, continued effort and positive energy, the law of attraction will help you achieve your goals.
Team Building & Leadership Growth ~ The ability to grow and lead a team can be personally rewarding. When you become a leader, you transcend into the elite population of people who carry the titles of Creator, Leader and Influential. This entry was posted in All Categories, Free Training, Self Improvement and tagged exuding positive energy, law of attraction, law of attraction theory, positive energy, susan jane, using positive energy, wealth net marketing. The big takeaway: The law of attraction is a wonderful thing if it helps you continuously throw positive energy into building your business. If you don’t read a book called Law of attraction Aka law of feeling, believe me you know nothing about law of attraction, this book is written by Eastern author, but the book is awesome. Thank you for posting this on the web, because it is so relatable (to me specifically :)) because at some point my excitement about the law of attraction reared its negative head also, it was fear of the negative just as you explained perfectly, so much so that i developed anxiety and depression from it.
For a while I wanted to write a blog post about it because the law of attraction, the way it’s presented by Secret, misleads people and creates chaos. Because of that, she felt more positive than ever and attributed the success she was experiencing to staying clear headed and trying to be as rational as possible for every decision she made.
If you like the good side of the law, by all means, keep it—just avoid the dark side like Carla learned to do. The law is amazing and true in expressing an amazing spiritual truth of our world, it’s just the hands it makes it to will depend on the effect.

I should add that she still believed she could attract success, she just decided to take the good half of the law, and drop the bad half.
Then you will need to learn how to channel the right energy and learn how to block all the negative energy. The law of attraction simply means like attracts like; by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, you can bring about positive or negative results.
When you focus on positive thoughts, you will be able to pick yourself up from discouragements or bumps in the road and learn to push yourself forward. Having the opportunity to tap into the potential of others while you help bring out the best in them really does benefit you in ways that will take you to higher heights in your future.
The problem with the law of attraction (and the way it’s presented by Secret) is that it focuses solely on one aspect of human nature. First, there are some things that you will need to know about the law of attraction theory.
You will find that the law of attraction is part of the Buddhist theory, however, it is also a good way to approach now only just your life goals, but anything that you would want in your life. However, there is more to the law of attraction than just thinking about something and then receiving it.
You will also be able to do things like specific massages that help release negative energy.
You can get what you want by surrounding yourself with positive energy and believe it, see it and feel it. It also forces you to think like a leader, which will separate you from the mediocre population, which consists of nearly 97% of people in the world today. There is a lot of ways that you can benefit from having a positive outlook on life, but you will find that by learning how to channel the positive energy that you need to make your life better will help you to find your happiness. I remember him telling me early in the affair about his revelation and the positive thoughts and energy that ran through him. You will then allow yourself to be open to receive whatever you have asked yourself or the energy for. Keep in mind that when you pick something that you desire you can either ask yourself for it or then try to keep the motivation going or you will be able to ask God or another energy to help you achieve the goals. You will also have to find other little ways that you can help rid yourself of all the baggage and then help receive positive energy.

You will need to work on yourself from the inside out, in order to achieve the things that you desire.
When it comes to channeling the energy you will find that it is the most important step to the law of attraction. You will need to learn how you can channel the energy and how you can release some of the negative energy that you currently have, however, you will also find that you will need to concentrate on ways that you can sustain. Using the law of attraction and learning how to channel the right energy will take you far in life and you will also be able to find true happiness soon, since you will be able to find out who it is that you really are through the process as well. Through out the whole process you may want to consider that there are other things than just channeling the right energy, but you need to be able to sustain a positive outlook on life.
According to the law, your mind determines your reality—if you radiate positive energy, you’ll see fantastic results. So, when you’re heading into the vast unknown, it can be comforting to believe that you can actually know ahead of time that the answers will be the ones you want…so long as you truly believe in those answers, and never waver from your positive, affirmative thoughts. A lot of massively successful business people, Oprah included, attribute their success to something called the law of attraction.
I told her I believed that thoughts are more powerful than is commonly accepted, then added that what I knew for certain was that—for many people—the law of attraction leads to dark places, as it had for her.
The slippery slope Carla was plunging down was something I’d seen many times with proponents of the law of attraction. A friend of mine kept telling me about the law of attraction, but I always thought it was a bunch of bunk…until I started noticing it in my own work. An unfortunate paradox of the law of attraction is that it almost always gives negative thoughts more power than they otherwise would have. Without putting much around this concept, people end up denying everything else and assuming they can make things happen just by having positive thoughts. I think it’s better to present it as the law of creation and include all aspects of human mind.

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