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He published under several pen names, including Magus Incognito, Theodore Sheldon, Theron Q. The law of attraction is a natural law & a simple truth, Atkinson both explains the principles of this phenomenon & how best to tap into it & use it for ones highest purpose, with a no nonsense, pragmatic ease.

The works published under the name of William Walker Atkinson generally treat themes related to the mental world, occultism, divination, psychic reality, and mankind's nature. These titles include Thought-Force in Business & Everyday Life (1900), Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World (1906) and Practical Mental Influence (1908).Due in part to Atkinson's intense personal secrecy and extensive use of pseudonyms, he is now largely forgotten, despite having obtained mention in past editions of Who's Who in America, Religious Leaders of America, and several similar publications - and having written more than 100 books in the last 30 years of his life.

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