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The 2014 TAFE and Training Course Directory, which provides access to information about courses and registered training organisations (RTOs) in Victoria, is now available. From mid-August 2013, the directory will be distributed to information hubs and organisations for potential students considering Vocational Education and Training (VET).
The directory is designed for anyone looking to undertake a TAFE or training course and doesn't have access to online services. The directory will be distributed to RTOs including TAFES, private RTOs and Learn Locals, secondary schools, public and academic libraries, Centrelink offices, and Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services.

Tafe courses directory skills victoria, the secret law of attraction audiobook free download - . Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert has today launched the new 2016 TAFE and Training Course Directory, which will help those Victorians looking to access quality training. Packed with information on 1,600 training courses offered at over 650 registered training organisations (RTOs), the TAFE and Training Course Directory 2016 is a great starting point for any Victorian trying to find the right course for them to help build the skills they need to start or return to work or change career. The directory provides a comprehensive list of TAFEs, universities, private registered training organisations and Learn Locals offering vocational training, as well as a list of courses and where they can be studied.

You can also search for information about training courses online at the Victorian Skills Gateway.

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