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Pro-Active Safety in Action: The Total Quality ApproachSafety training must cover all the bases. Our supervisor safety training courses will empower managers to captain a tight safety ship.
We at Media Partners are here to help with a wide offering of safety training videos and online safety training specifically tailored around the roles and responisibilites of managers and supervisors. Incident Investigation: Four-Part Series helps supervisors learn from past mistakes to prevent history from repeating.
Our wide selection of exceptional supervisory training videos will strengthen and inspire your supervisors and team leaders.

Setting the tone, establishing and maintaining standards, offering feedback, interviewing, and coaching are some of the supervisory skills your employees will learn. Media Partners has an extensive library of supervisory videos that focus on realistic skills that your employees will be able to implement immediately on the job.New supervisors, in particular, face challenges like managing their peers, and motivating employees who may be older and more experienced. Help them be successful in their new roles with supervisory videos designed to help them succeed.Seasoned supervisors will also find titles that enhance their skills.
Supervisory training designed to help them negotiate the changing nature of their teams and the marketplace will add to their success as well. Look no further than this training comedy focused specifically on the challenges of developmental conversations.

With this inspiring video, viewers will understand exactly what it means to confront their own values to discover what is most important.Learn MoreThe Unorganized ManagerJohn Cleese stars in the management training classic, The Unorganized Manager. This video demonstrates how to handle disagreements and improve communication at work.Learn MoreThe NEW Time of Your LifeLearn how to give up wasting time forever with the New Time of your Life! Although accounts might never become a manager's favorite topic, The Balance Sheet Barrier does at least make them understandable.Learn MorePerformance ReviewTV's Hugh Laurie stars in this recent release from Video Arts.

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