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We are currently experiencing an outage with our 1-800-KAP-TEST phone number.We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to be operational shortly.
For three days only, get $250 off GRE Private Tutoring, $200 off In-Person and Live Online classes, and $100 off our On Demand course. With Kaplan, you have the freedom to take our course again for free if you want an even higher GRE score.* The sooner you enroll, the more time you have to ensure the best score possible.
With over 40 years of experience teaching the GRE, we continue to be the leader in the test prep industry. A good SAT score and a healthy college GPA don't ensure that tackling the GRE will be a simple task.
Every year, more than 700,000 people take the Graduate Record Exam, commonly known as the GRE. Secrets, powerful techniques, and targeted GRE practice on the different question types you’ll see in each section. I was in your GRE prep summer of 2011 at TAMU, and a friend was asking me for some help on the GRE recently. After aimlessly working on quizzes in Kaplan program, I found your course the best in terms of training me with relevant GRE concepts and strategies.
When I took the Princton Review GRE Online course, I was helplessly working on some web-based tests. I greatly benefited from the telephonic review sessions I had with my instructor and her supervisor. MLIC GRE Online prep course offers the best, SmarTest® coaching for the revised GRE General Test Content and the newer types of questions such as multiple response and answer entry. MLIC uses professional GRE trainers who will use a patent-pending CPSD training methodology, provide the best one-on-one coaching in GRE sections, and assess your unique weaknesses in GRE assessment areas so that you can be coached to improve your performance in critical GRE areas. You should know that the GRE prep course of any kind offered by Kaplan GRE, Testmasters, Powerscore, or Princeton Review cannot deliver this level of customized interventional support and GRE coaching designed to help you shoot for and achieve GRE test scores in the range of 1500. In the NORMAL schedule of GRE online training, you will be required to complete the 120 hours of comprehensive training in the three assessment sections of the GRE - GRE AWA, GRE Verbal, and GRE quantitative sections -- in 6-8 weeks from receiving the Week 1 set of instructions from your professional GRE Coach.
If you do not require comprehensive training in all three GRE assessment areas, and want to be trained only in GRE AWA, or GRE Verbal, or GRE quantitative section, you can choose the GRE Custom Online preparation when you register.
Register today in the GRE Online prep course and get real, comprehensive, SmarTest® training in GRE assessment areas.
MLIC employs professional GRE trainers who are required to take the GRE General test at least once each year and score 168 in GRE Math and at least 163 in GRE Verbal.
We’ll cover everything you need to get an excellent GRE score and get into the grad school you want. Test anxiety is actually the KEY to an increased GRE score* for about 20% of my students, and most other prep courses don’t even talk about it!
That’s about half of what other GRE Prep courses charge you for the privilege of getting lectured by their part-time, grad-student instructors. Other programs have about the same amount of formal instruction as StudyProf GRE Prep, but they fluff it out to five weeks (and $1,200) or more by adding lots of GRE practice work you could easily do on your own at home for FREE.
Your strategies for verbal sections and your near impossible math tests (that almost gave me headaches daily) helped me improve my score from 289 to 319. In contrast, Kaplan GRE, Princeton Review, Powerscore, Testmasters, and all others feed you useless tricks and short-cuts that do not work in the computer adaptive format of the GRE General Test. In any event, you will be required to complete the training within 3 months (12 weeks) of receiving the Week 1 set of training instructions from your dedicated GRE trainer. Typically, you will be expected to complete the Custom GRE Online prep course within 8 weeks of starting to receive the Week 1 set of files.
All these other prep courses supply useless, made-up GRE questions that are not representative of the current GRE Content.
If you need to extend the training beyond 12 weeks, you may do so by paying a GRE Online Course extension fee of U$395 for another 12 weeks. Remember that Kaplan, Powerscore, Princeton Review, and all other GRE courses teach you backsolving methods that do not work at all in the Revised GRE General Test. I then registered in MLI's GRE online prep and knew that I was on my way to the SLP program when I received the first set of assignment files.

With this option you’ll need to purchase a GRE prep book (or you can use any GRE prep book you already have access to). You will be expected to attend all virtual classes and not miss more than 2 GRE virtual class sessions in a row during the training period. An easy to follow study schedule to help you continue sharpening your new skills after the class. Two Consecutive Saturdays, then use my continuing schedule of GRE study to target your problem areas before the test.
See the registration page for all the upcoming dates, and don’t forget about the one-on-one option if none of those dates suit your schedule! The Official Test Day Experience is a Kaplan-exclusive feature now included in all GRE prep courses. MLIC actually trains you in the GRE assessment areas, using LIVE problems monitored on current GRE administrations. You can register in MLIC GRE Online prep course anytime and get started on the training within 24 hours. In the ACCELERATED schedule of GRE online preparation, you will be required to complete the 120+ hours of comprehensive GRE preparation in the three GRE test sections -- AWA, Verbal, and Quantitative - in 4 weeks from the first day of getting started in this mode of GRE preparation. In this option, you will be assigned to a GRE professional trainer, who will be responsible for setting you up with the weekly study plan and GRE assignment completion schedule, for providing feedback on your completed GRE assignments, for scheduling your attendance in GRE virtual class sessions, and for customizing training in the GRE assessment area of your choosing.
MLIC GRE Online prep and Turboprep® courses for the new GRE General test beat Kaplan, Princeton Review, Manhattan Review, Powerscore, Testmasters, VeritasPrep, and all others hands down.
MLIC uses a patent-pending CPSD methodology to drill Concepts, Procedures, and Strategies, and to diagnostically assess your deficiencies in order to pro-actively coach you in score-critical GRE sections.
Learn the insider tricks and powerful methods master test takers use to max out their GRE scores. If, after meeting our Score Guarantee eligibility, you do not score a combined Verbal and Quantitative score of at least 310 on the revised GRE, your subsequent prep support will be FREE.If you choose the Custom GRE Online prep course, you will be covered by our Score Guarantee of 158 (GRE math) and 152 (GRE verbal).
I enrolled in the MLIC GRE Online course and benefitted greatly from personalized support and telephonic interactions. In contrast, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Manhattan Review, Powerscore, and all others rely on untrained, unqualified part-time student instructors who may not even have taken the actual GRE test. The average commitment in terms of hours of work per week is 15 to 20 hours per week spread over 6 to 8 weeks, which includes completing diagnostic, remedial, and practice assignments, attending Virtual Class sessions, and any one-on-one telephonic review sessions. All other GRE prep courses offer you useless tricks and short-cuts that do not work in the new GRE General Test that includes Multiple Response and Answer Entry type questions and that has reduced emphasis on multiple choice type questions.. MLIC GRE online prep course now features LIVE web lectures to simulate in-class experience, and to improve GRE training effectiveness. If you need to slow down or deal with an unforeseen emergency that arises during the training period, you may do so by notifying your GRE coach but will have to finish all mandatory training requirements in 12 weeks from the first day of getting started. MLIC actively coaches you to become proficient in GRE so that you can crack and beat the GRE.
In addition to the questions presenting answer choices in multiple choice format, the revised GRE has questions requiring that you choose multiple responses from a list of options, and that you enter answers to some questions in quantitative reasoning. MLI's training was well structured, and provided the most thorough preparation in GRE assessment areas. MLIC GRE Online prep course features first of its kind GRE Virtual Classes that are held in real-time to simulate in-class experience and to provide the benefit of group interaction.
All ONLINE prep course participants will be required to participate in Virtual Class sessions featuring real-time lectures explaining the concepts, procedures, and strategies for GRE General Test.
MLIC GRE is the only structured, comprehensive prep course for the revised GRE General Test.
MLIC GRE Prep Courses - The Gold Statndard for gol-driven and skill-enhancing GRE prep courses backed by 310+ GRE Score Guarantee. Your strategies for selecting answers in RC and your notes providing the most recent vocabulary tested on the GRE's were awsome.
The average hourly commiment per week in accelerated schedule is 30 hours per week (120 hours spread over 4 weeks), which includes completing diagnostic, remedial, and practice assignments, attending Virtual Class sessions, and any one-on-one telephonic review sessions. No other GRE test preparation company offers you target-score specific GRE Score Guarantee.

The Virtual Live Online classes are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday evening as explained below (Some sessions may be scheduled for weekday evenings or in the afternoon hours on weekend days).
If you need to switch to the NORMAL schedule of training from accelerated schedule, you may do so by notifying your GRE trainer.
Since then, the GRE has undergone some major overhauls, and I’ve been around for all of them. In addition to the regular reading comprehension passages, the new GRE General test also includes critical reading passages. The general insight into the structure of the exam, question writing, trends in grading (the generally scientific and data based approach to the whole course), and general tips for efficient time use were a massive help. You will also get seven, full length GRE practice tests with over 450 verbal and quantitative practice questions. Our GRE ONLINE prep course is backed by our unique 310+ GRE test Score Guarantee under which you are guaranteed a test Score of at least 310 out of 340 (combined score in Verbal and Quantitative Sections of the revised GRE) provided that you complete all 120 hours of of the mandatory and remedial course assignments provided by your dedicated instructor, participate actively in the Virtual Class sessions, and take the GRE General Test within 30 days of completing the last set of assignments.
MLIC GRE Prep provides the most comprehensive training in GRE sections, and arms you with all the Concepts, Procedures, and Strategies required to crack and ace the GRE General test. GRE Math Session 3: Algebra including exponents, Functions, Quantitative Comparison, Sequences. Other GRE courses such as Kaplan, Princeton Review, Powerscore and others use made-up, irrelevant prep materials that can actually harm you. Most participants will complete the Custom GRE prep course in about 3-4 weeks by going on a normal schedule that requires participants to commit about 15-20 hours of work per week for 3 to 4 weeks. You can also order a set of 6 computer based tests for revised GRE (suitable on MAC and PC) for $50.
Remember that MLIC is the only GRE prep course that offers LIVE Virtual classes, not make-believe work-on-your-own computer-test taking sessions as Kaplan, Princeton Review, and others do.
Other GRE prep courses offered by companies such as Kaplan and Princeton Review use part-time, unqualified student instructors who work for hourly, minimum wages. The virtual classes typically last 2-3 hours each, require participants to interact with the trainer and other GRE trainees in the group. I ended up with a combined verbal and math score of 271, hardly sufficient for my speech language pathology program which required at least a combined GRE score of 309.
For the verbal reasoning section, test takers have two 30-minute periods to answer two sets of 20 questions. All other GRE prep courses offer just a broad overview of GRE General Test, and do not train you.
The analytical writing section consists of two essays, for which test takers get 30 minutes to write each.
The verbal and quantitative reasoning sections are graded on a 130- to 170-point scale in 1-point increments, and the analytical writing section is scored on a 0-6 scale in half-point increments.A good SAT score and a healthy college GPA don't ensure that tackling the GRE will be a simple task.
The fee includes all study and training materials, support provided by a dedicated GRE trainer, and attendance in Virtual Class sessions. I am applying for admission to the political science program at Columbia University that requires a quantitative score of at least 164. I owe my combined score of 319 to your excellent GRE prep." --- Judith Taylor, Henderson, NV. They were skimming through different areas of GRE, and I got very little benefit, if anything, from Kaplan course. Many GRE test takers are many years removed from the basic tenets of high school math, which play an important part in the quantitative section of the test. Test takers who slept through their English classes or turned to SparkNotes may be in trouble.During your time in school, be sure to read as much as possible to expand your vocabulary so that you can decipher unfamiliar words, testing experts say.

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