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Of course, it’s easy to gravitate to the blink response of “I love it!” or “I hate it!”  But, if you want to provide actionable feedback – and, more importantly, motivate the team to evolve the work to greatness – you need to ground your critique in a strong strategic rationale.
When I saw the campaign for this fresh produce company, I immediately thought I’d pull out the “off strategy” trump card.
If the strategy is on target but the creative still feels funny, it can be tricky to identify where the problem lies.  I often use the checklist below to help me get to the root of it. By Robin Weintraub on April 25, 2013 Leave a Comment Several people recently described their product launches to me.  I was amazed at how little planning was done prior to developing the marketing tactics!  Rather than give ad hoc advice, I decided to compile a detailed strategic road map.
Segmentation Strategy – identifies and defines groups of high-potential prospects and customers.
Distribution Channel Strategy – the methods by which a manufacturer sells or delivers its products to the end-user. Contact Strategy – defines the channels, tactics, messaging, timing and frequency of communications for each customer.

Implementation Strategy – the company-wide socialization, program execution, back-end infrastructure, technical, legal, measurement, tracking, reporting, budget, project management, and other requirements needed to launch. In this Effective Strategic Planning Short Course, you are going to learn a method that resembles a combination lock.
The group needs to regularly review its Key Mission and Ministry Areas and agree to strategies that will achieve stated objectives.
You will move from implementation to the strategic thinking process needed to plan effective communications. Health & Safety Professionals CPDContinuous Professional Development - Strategic Leadership. The good news is that any specific method of Strategic Planning, which includes practical, proven tools of analysis and decision making, is superior to no method or to a random approach. Good strategic planning for mission needs to take seriously all these ingredients and the inter-relationships between them.

All Health and Safety Professionals need to be able to think and communicate strategically to senior management. Once you have the right keys in the right sequence to Strategic Planning, you can apply them to any product, service or situation in your organisation. Then the development plan is implemented.At the end of the year, other data and evidence are analysed to evaluate the success of the development plan as a whole and the various strategies that were used.

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