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Isn't this the truth, any time I conduct interview follow ups or exit interviews the biggest frustration from partners is always lack of internal communication!
The communication blitz is a proven approach to communicating key messages effectively throughout an organization.
During a large project, when many things are changing, there is an increased need for ongoing communication to all employees. Forty percent is the minimum number of people who should have a strong understanding of the messages to make sure the communications are getting through.
The effectiveness of a communication should always be monitored by conducting face-to-face evaluations with the hourly employees, seeking to understand how much can be recalled. Another important concept is that the communication blitz is intended to be a series of messages, not just one round.
The management team here at Noranda Alumina would be the first to admit that communication is not our strong suit. Yes, the manufacturing excellence steering team intends to continue communicating using the blitz method.

Improving communications within an organization is not as difficult as many leaders may believe. Practical tips to increase employee engagement, improve company competitiveness and build stronger teams.
Individuals looking to improve communication within their organization and enhance employee engagement can adopt the easy-to-use process introduced in this article. When implementing a continuous-improvement initiative, effectively communicating the changes is essential to success. The communication blitz offered us an organized way of communicating to our 400(+) employees. It was even suggested as a communication tool corporate-wide at a leadership conference in September last year. Adopting the communication blitz process can bolster your change management strategies and improve both employee engagement and the sustainability of the changes at hand. Joe has helped dozens of organizations improve their performance while producing their goods safely.

The communication blitz, a subset of the communication plan, is a series of communications delivered face to face from the leaders who sponsor the change all the way to the hourly employees working at the site.
There are always opportunities to improve the effective delivery of a message, yet the only way to avoid assumptions of retention is to monitor retention with the receiver.
Once they were reminded of what manufacturing excellence was, they remembered the communication. She was also accountable for all change-management efforts, including project communications with 400+ employees. He has also helped numerous other companies launch and sustain continuous improvement initiatives. The communication blitz provides proactive messages to help manage the change within an organization.

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