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Five essential steps for setting yourself apart and building a coaching business that works best for you! The tools of coaching can be applied to almost any context – career, business, health, relationships and life purpose to name just a few.
Unless you’re planning on starting a coaching firm, your clients are ultimately buying a relationship with you. In addition, one of our graduates (who is a CPA and small business coach) offers some insider tips on the pros and cons of the most popular business structure options for coaches. But honestly, when you start packing in the clients, a separate office or location is really the way to go. For those who like to stay super organized and have a streamlined system in place, explore online platforms that minimize your administrative duties.
You’ll also find bonus information containing the often-overlooked odds and ends that can save valuable time and money when starting your life coaching business. The idea here is that your business name speaks to your ideal client and the solutions they are seeking.
Small Business Administration has created an excellent resource for learning more about each of the specific types, as well as the common industries that most often take advantage of them.
It gives your services a professional appearance, especially if you plan on offering group coaching or workshops.

On-demand work spaces can be booked online and offer a variety of unique office settings, from individual work stations to full conference rooms and office suites.
As someone who wants to start their own coaching business, you’ve probably already discovered no shortage of “wisdom” on how best to go about it.
I’ll be the first to admit: marketing generalized coaching services can be a real struggle. If you’d rather have a business name that doesn’t incorporate some form of your name, create one that speaks to the solutions you offer. Day offices like ShareDesk and Davinci provide a complete office setup and include all the necessary business amenities (some even come with a live lobby greeter).
One potential drawback to keep in mind: If you end up working at home, you’ll need to find a way to separate your business from the rest of your life.
That said, if you plan on coaching clients primarily on the phone or online, a home office might be the way to go.
With your ideal space chosen, the final core component is to furnish it with the tools of the coaching trade. Starting a life coaching business is similar to any other enterprise: there are a number of components that minimize cost, organize your process, and ensure success. Because I have lived a part of life without being focused on my purpose, I understand lack of clear focus.

Depending on your risk tolerance and the type of coaching you plan on offering, you might want to look into liability insurance for life coaches. You can begin writing off your business expenses once you’ve officially opened the doors to your business. As a certified life coach, holding either an ICF or BCC Credential, you’ll qualify for discounted rates on this type of policy with many insurance companies.
It also gives me the freedom to add programs, products and even change the type of coaching I offer without having to re-imagine a completely new brand identity. For example, one of our graduates at Coach Training World created the name “Peaceful Solutions” to reflect her conflict resolution and communication coaching for divorcing parents.
Real results take time, focus and a consistent, proven strategic approach to set and keep both personal and business growth in motion.
Within each, you’ll find a comprehensive series of strategy, tools and business resources that can simplify the often frustrating process of establishing and promoting a new coaching business. Clients experience positive results because I start your right where you are, focusing on what is most urgent to you, and, unlike a structured coaching program, I build an approach that uniquely fits you.

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