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Like Callie Rogers, who worked as a shop clerk earning $5.83 an hour before winning nearly $3 million in the National Lottery in 2003.
There are tons more stories just like that out there – stories of lottery winners that burned bright and then burned out.
Winning the lottery is exciting and unexpected and crazy and there are so many things you are dying to do!
Most mistakes made by people who come into a life-changing windfall are made because they feel they have to do something…anything. Hire an attorney who will open a blind trust in order to claim your winnings as an anonymous trustee.
Investing should be relatively simple because even a conservative dividend (2-4%) will yield you a good return, in the amount of absolute cash you gain. You've just won the lottery and have a pile of cash you can use to travel wherever you want in the world, with whoever you want to take along. Since, I cannot travel with my fellow Greeks: Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Alexander the Great, and sadly, nor Hemmingway or Mark Twain, I would settle for friends, family and hopefully new friends who I meet alone the way.
The one thing you can do, however, is pay off any debts you have, breathe that sigh of sweet relief, and then go back to not touching it. You don’t want your face plastered on the news giving every Tom, Dick and Harry in your town permission to approach you.

They spend all their money on the big house but then don’t have any money to handle the hefty upkeep that a giant mansion demands.
So if you win a smaller amount of money in the lottery: it’s probably smart to invest all of it, collect the interest and just go about your life as normal.
Let's say that pile of cash is so big that not simply can I go wherever I want in the world, with whomever I want to take along, but that I can take a year off from all the monthly writing and editing responsibilities that support me.
Having traveled to 85 countries, I consider myself blessed to have seen more than my fair share of the world.
Even if the pile of cash was so large that I would never have to work again, I would still want to write and photo the world, continuing to be an inspiration to travel. I still want to traverse the Amazon, traverse Africa from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, and travel the great silk road from Asia to Europe overland. As I have a book coming out soon about travel immersion, experiences and encounters, as I like to say, "you don't meet the locals by flying over them." I'm intoxicated by local cultures.
Tony Wheeler, the founder of Lonely Planet Guidebooks and Richard Bangs, father of modern day adventure travel, would provide excellent insight and thought provoking conversations. You want and need to know exactly what is happening, even (especially) if someone else is doing it for you. Of course you will share it with your spouse, but it’s best to keep it from other family or friends.

Lottery commissions will gladly publicize the identity of winners if you don’t take steps to fight it. Avoid advertising so you can live in peace and allow the magic of compound interest to take sweet, sweet care of you. In that case, I would travel slowly around the world, visiting a mixture of the places that have changed my life -- France, Greece, Japan, Bali, Australia -- and places that entice me and that I haven't yet visited: Bhutan, Tibet, Vietnam, Laos, South Africa, Brazil, the Amazon. There is also a Croatian guy, Tomislav Perko, who quit his job and actually traveled overland around the world. Once it becomes public knowledge, too many people will cozy right up to you and it will become both confusing and frustrating. Also I have never been to Easter Island nor Bhutan, and as a scuba diver, I want to sail from Micronesia through the Philippines and Indonesia to Southeast Asia.

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