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We provide a host of management training solutions in Orlando and surrounding areas of Florida. First, you get to customize the training program to best meet the specific needs of your management team. Second, the modules within your unique management training program are drawn from current and relevant resources. MicoStar Technology offers classroom training and support on various technological operations, applications and I.T.
MicoStar Technology ensures our classroom training allows you get a full grasp of both theory and hands on experience.

In order to get started let’s talk about which management training solution is best for your needs whether you are in Orlando, Sarasota, Jacksonville or other parts of Florida. The Service Leadership Seminar (SLS) is a unique, weeklong experience for incoming freshman at Florida State University. We provide management training for professionals, companies, schools, individuals, small and large businesses. In addition, the seminar was covered by two local radio correspondents and the Voice of America. Our hands-on training enables you to quickly install, manage and troubleshoot your network.

Call us at 1-800-501-1245 to explore how the many experiential management training solutions below will grow your team’s management skills.
Additionally, management training solutions such as Executive Coaching, Experiential Keynotes and Executive Retreats may be delivered onsite at your location or at an offsite venue near you. Additionally, we regularly update the management training materials as new developments occur within the contributing fields.

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