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Although Reddit takes efforts to confirm source identity on these popular threads, nevertheless you should take them with a grain of salt.
The Florida Lottery has suspended 11 retailers from selling game tickets as part of an ongoing fraud investigation.
Richard Lustig, who says he is the world's first and only seven-time lottery game grand prize winner, published a book on increasing your chances of winning the lottery. ORLANDO - Richard Lustig has been on Good Morning America and has his picture posted in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. Lustig published a book on increasing your chances of winning the lottery, which spent months atop the best seller’s list of self-help books.
He says he has developed a method that has helped him repeatedly win Florida Lottery games, which he plays daily. The odds of winning a $1,000 prize playing a $20 scratch off game can be around 1 in 2,000. Lustig says this method works better than picking random tickets from displays, because it allows the player to eliminate more losing tickets faster and increases the odds that they will get winning tickets.

Lustig also encourages players to check out lottery websites and select scratch-off tickets that have the best odds or have more top prizes remaining.
The odds of winning larger prizes, like $1,000 or more, drastically increase when you increase the amount you pay for lottery tickets.
For instance, a $1 scratch off ticket may have odds of 1 in 120,000 of winning $1,000, but a $25 scratch off ticket may have odds of 1 in 1,333. Lustig has been to the Florida Lottery Office 23 times to claim prizes of more than $600 since he began playing the lottery. What they do is present retailers who players have complained about with 'marked' tickets and then have them arrested when the retailer comes in to claim the prize. In other words, the whole thing is governed by an extreme separation of duties and access controls. In my state we have several daily draw games that have relatively low set jackpot amounts, but the chance of winning is exponentially higher than the rolling jackpot games. Most people never think to check this, though, and they just keep buying even after all "top tier" prizes have been claimed.

Every lottery has a security division that exists for the sole purpose of catching crooks - both internal and external.
It is possible for the top prizes from a game to be claimed within the first few weeks after a game ships. It's virtually impossible to 'rig' a drawing or generate a winning wager post-draw without collusion on the part of at least five or six people.
On the day we checked, 72 of 81 games had already given away half of the top prizes."I was surprised.

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