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It was this new wide availability on video, as well as broadcasts on cable, that helped NIMH garner a cult following long after its theatrical debut. Brisbys will to save her children gives power to the amulet, which she uses to lift the house and move it to safety. Among the techniques experimented with on The Secret of NIMH were rotoscoping, multiple passes on the camera to achieve transparent shadows, and backlit animation (where animated mattes are shot with light shining through color gels to produce glowing areas for artificial light and fire effects), multiple color palettes for characters to fit in different lighting situations, from daylight, to night, to warm environments, to underwater. While trapped in a birdcage, she overhears a telephone conversation between Farmer Fitzgibbons and NIMH and learns that the Institute intends to exterminate the rats the next day. It was followed in 1998 by a direct-to-video sequel called The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue, which was made without Bluths input or consent.
Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The Secret of NIMH is a 1982 American animated fantasy adventure drama film directed by Don Bluth in his directorial debut.
The Secret of NIMH: Original Soundtrack contains songs from the film written by Jerry Goldsmith, and performed by Paul H.

Brisby (Elizabeth Hartman), a widowed mouse, must move her children out of their home in a field before the local farmer starts plowing.
Critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert gave the film two "thumbs up" on their television program At the Movies in 1982. The studio worked, at first, out of Bluths house and garage, but moved to a two-story, 5,500-square-foot (510 m2) facility in Studio City, California several months later.
Wham-O rejected Auroras request for waiver to use the same-sounding name to their "Frisbee", in the movie.
Brisby arrives and tries to convince the rats that NIMH is coming and they must leave, but Jenner calls her a liar, attacks her, and attempts to take the amulet from her neck. To achieve the films detailed full animation while keeping to the tight budget, the studio strove to keep any waste of time and resources to a minimum. In his review for the 1990 VHS re-release, Jeff Unger of Entertainment Weekly gave The Secret of NIMH a grade of "A", calling it "a wonderful adaptation" of the original book, adding that "Bluth and his animators, bless them, chose to revive an endangered art form classically detailed animation. She prepares to move her family out of the field as plowing time approaches, but her son Timothy has fallen ill.
However, as a result of its release and competition with other summer fare, NIMH ultimately made a disappointing $14,665,733 in North America, though it was more successful on home video, cable, and foreign release, ultimately putting the film in the black.

The American Film Institute nominated The Secret of NIMH for its Top 10 Animated Films list in 2008, but it did not make the final list. Ages, were part of a series of experiments at a place known as NIMH, the National Institute of Mental Health.
The Secret of NIMH won Best Animated Film of 1982 at the 10th annual Saturn Awards, where it also received a nomination for Best Fantasy Film. The Secret of NIMH debuted on several home video formats in 1983, including VHS, Betamax, CED Videodisc, Video8, and LaserDisc, which were distributed by MGM and United Artists in North America, and Warner Home Video in Europe and Australia. The film was released on DVD for the first time on November 17, 1998, which was reprinted numerous times in the ensuing years, both as a stand-alone release or bundled with other animated movies from MGM or 20th Century Fox.

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