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This book is a must read for those who are ready to take positive steps forward to make the big and little changes in their lives. This Gratitude book is mainly to write what you are grateful about, but it has a short chapters within it to help you apply The Secret to your life.
Now The Secret Gratitude Book provides an incredibly powerful tool to live The Secret, and to bring joy and harmony to every aspect of your life.

Filled with insights and wisdom from Rhonda Byrne, this beautiful journal offers a framework for practicing the power of gratitude each day, enabling you to attract every magnificent thing you want into your life. I find that I often feel gratitude when I am away from the book and would rather keep an electronic file going.
However, my first experience of a gratitude journal came from an energy healer with whom I apprenticed.

I would never forget it, because it was twenty-eight days of changing your brain waves, your psychological chemistry, to presence gratitude in your life.

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