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The six winning number combination was not played, which means that nobody won the jackpot of $36 million. Saturday's final Powerball jackpot came in at $60 million which will be paid out in 30 annual annuity payments. The California Powerball lottery jackpot winner purchased the lucky winning ticket at Tooley Oil - McClellan 4, 5520 Dudley Blvd 900, McClellan, California for the March 1 drawing. In addition to the California jackpot winner, there were four (4) Match 5 + 0 Powerball Power Play winners that won $2 million prizes. Disclaimer: Every effort is made to ensure the Powerball winning numbers are correct, however mistakes can happen. The six winning lottery number combination was not played, which means that nobody won the jackpot of $36 million.
With that winning results, it is estimated that the lottery grand prize will now reach an estimated $39 million for Saturday night.
The California lottery winner could also choose all cash, which would bring the one-time cash payout to around $33.9 million. Two (2) Power Play winners purchased their winning tickets from the North Carolina Lottery, and one (1) each from the Indiana Lottery and the Pennsylvania Lottery commissions. One lucky California lottery winner matched all six Powerball winning numbers Saturday night for the $60 million jackpot, reported CBS Miami News on Sunday, March 2. Real , and I can assure you study RW very first and then and saturday lottery numbers california vibrant profession we used to go for. Super Lotto Plus Winning Numbers – 6, 21, 22, 30, 38, and 26 where 26 is the Mega Ball.

California Lottery Results Reveal Mega Millions Winning Numbers is a copyrighted article from the World Correspondents.
Believe it or not, this is the second time a California lottery winner hit the Powerball jackpot in less than two weeks! With no jobs available in the market, lotteries provide hope to be instant millionaires for many.
If you want to try your luck in lotteries, participate in this California lottery and buy your tickets now by looking for retailers that display the logo of the California Lottery. The Milpitas, California Powerball Lottery winner hit a massive $425.3 million jackpot on Feb. Two (2) $1 million Powerball winners purchased their tickets from the Florida Lottery, and one (1) from the Texas Lottery.
The winners matched four out of five white Powerball winning numbers, AND the red Powerball number for the third-tier prize. Although there is still no official word yet as to who the lucky winner is, the Associated Press reported that the winning ticket was purchased in California. See the article Powerball winning numbers: California Powerball lottery winner hits $425M jackpot for more details.
However, all four lottery winners spent an extra dollar on the Power Play option which doubled their prize winnings from $1 million to $2 million. With that, it is estimated that the grand prize will now reach an estimated $39 million for Saturday night. If yes, then I’m sure you want to know the CA lottery winning numbers drawn Wednesday night.

All second-tier Powerball winners matched five out of six white Powerball winning numbers, missing only the red Powerball number for the March 1 drawing. Mega Millions players can buy their tickets now from over 21,000 participating retailers of the California Lottery throughout the state for Friday’s draw.
The Powerball results for March 1, 2014 are 3, 8, 25, 30, 47, and the red Powerball number is 13. Because the California Powerball winner won the entire $60 million jackpot, the next grand prize on Saturday will reset itself at $40 million annuity, or $23 million cash value. Sacramento, CA - The SuperLotto Plus winning numbers from Wednesday are 11, 13, 17, 24, 47 and Mega 10.
In California, a lot of people are searching for the winning numbers as a result of their lottery. No one won the jackpot for the February 29 drawing and the $8 million cash prize will be rolled over to Saturday's game, according to California Lottery officials. Marv DumonSan Diego Lottery ExaminerMarv Dumon writes daily columns on a range of subjects including national policy, business, literature, sports, and gaming.

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