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31 to 60: Coaching could help you to look at your life from a different viewpoint as well as help you develop a plan to change what it is that you would like to change. The sales coaching program covers four key areas: Operational, Customer Focus, Financial and Personal Development. We will outline ways to ensure you meet your sales quota numbers year after year by reviewing what’s in your portfolio, and staying on track throughout the year.
Richardson is a leading sales training and sales effectiveness company with over 30 years of experience. The mission of the Sales Excellence Review is to provide you and your teams with tips, insight, information, and best practices for improving your sales performance. Andrea also discusses the responsibilities that new sales managers must create time for, including reporting, coaching, and planning. We cover key areas in the sales cycle and how to keep them moving to close more deals in less time. Your sales coach will push, challenge, and demand more of you to break your sales targets, make more bonus and commissions, and to take your career to the next level.Custom Made SolutionsThe product or service that you sell requires a unique and tailored sales process based around sales technique and people skills. Get the most out of your staff by building and coaching a high performance, self motivated team. Connect Selling helps you to build your sales funnel or pipeline and allows you to identify how many opportunities you need to have at each stage of your selling process.  As you begin to track your sales results you will be able to identify your average deal size and what you need in your pipeline to achieve the short term and long term results for your business.

Connect Selling will work with you to review your selling process for each offering in your portfolio and determine your desired results associated with each service.  This will also allow you to review your results compared to your plan, what can you learn and what can you do differently in the future for optimal results.  Connect Selling stays with you every step of the way to deliver sales training that sticks and gets results!
If you are interested in becoming a coach, follow this link to find out more information about iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). Gina performs an upfront skill assessment with each individual to tailor the appropriate level and duration of the sales coaching time.
Sales coaching program rates and duration are flexible and can be done in the recommended 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on skills, or adjusted to fit every need and budget.
Sales coaching can be done in-person, phone or webinar meetings are available for individuals and teams. Con•nect Selling™is a Colorado company that enables entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses create and implement a winning sales strategy based on building long term customer relationships that allow for sustained business growth. Expert advice, tips, and sales training enablement content for today's leading sales and learning professionals. We are the “how” to the “what.” We are the only company that provides an emphasis on the skills necessary for your sales professionals to execute properly and enable them to succeed. We work with you every step of the way to design your sales actions and goals that align with your overall company values and vision.
With you, we establish sales best practices, evaluate talent, build capability and consistency through world class training, and sustain necessary change.

They will analyse your product, your sales scripts, how you open your conversations with the prospect, how you respond to their excuses and so on.
Boost your self-confidence.Eliminate all of the activities that are costing you sales, time and energy. Richardson’s Developmental Sales Coaching programs quickly deliver the processes and skills sales managers need to coach their salespeople to a higher level of sales excellence. The report researched the programs and initiatives that organizations are using for sales training and any patterns in how these organizations leverage external providers to assist in achieving performance goals. An MTD sales coach will work with you to help create the outstanding sales results that you desire.
Sales coaching is different to attending a course as it is more of an ongoing activity that keeps you motivated and on-top of what you need to do rather than a one-off course that leaves you to your own devices thereafter.Once you have decided to use an MTD sales coach you will both agree on a number of sessions that you will have together.

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