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Getting Posture and Body Language to be Dynamic Public Speaker How to Speak Effectively and Confidently, How to Overcome Stage Fear, How to Deliver Effective Speech and Presentation, How to Build your Confidence, Memory Development, Know your Audience, Concentrating on the USP of your speech, Getting Knowledge of the Place, How to Prepare Well before Speaking, Importance of Practice and Practice, Keeping your Aggression and Emotions under Control, Secret of Good Delivery, Success Visualization, Developing Personality to Influence more, Removing Fear and Shyness, Developing Leadership Qualities, Corporate Skills, Improving Your Dressing Sense, Negotiation Skills, Amazing Ideas of Salesmanship, Group Discussions and Mock Interview Sessions (If Needed). Though my course is over and we do not meet very frequently, but it will not diminish the important role that you have and will always play in my life.
I was looking for the public speaking classes or course in Noida and Gurgaon, then I found WABS TALK.

Wabs Talk, A-3, 3rd Floor, Rajouri Garden, Near Rajouri Garden Metro Station Gate No.5, New Delhi-110027. Rocky Saggoo is an inspirational public speaking trainer at WABS TALK (Institute of Public Speaking and Personality Development). It was an amazing experience for being at Wabs Talk and enriched myself with the public speaking skills.

I feel more confident, now I am not scared of public speaking and ready to face any challenge.

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