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Choose a location definition in the table.Use the Higher priority and Lower priority buttons (up and down arrows) to move the location definition to the desired location in the table. The closer a location definition is to the top of the table, the higher its priority.Repeat steps 2 and 3 to change the priority of other location definitions. In this scenario, all four location definitions are matches as all fields for each location definition are in the grid.
Because multiple matches are found, the matching location definition with the highest priority (closest to the top of the table) is chosen to be rendered as a layer on the map.

In this case, because the Addresses location definition has the highest priority, a layer showing addresses will be drawn on the map.
Anthony Ulwick’s Outcome-driven Innovation framework is a very powerful tool for Product Definition and Requirements Prioritization, which allows us to visualize the impact of user experience of any given use case based on its opportunity score.
Once you have created several location definitions in your model, you can set their priority order. Choose a priority orderWhen setting the priority of location definitions in your model, it is important to consider how the attribute data in each location definition relates to the location type chosen.

Consider the previous example, in which the Addresses location definition has the highest priority in the model. The attribute forms in this location definition are addresses stored as rows in the MicroStrategy project.

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