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This St Louis presentation training course is centrally located not only for St Louis itself, but also for those people living in Kansas City, Nashville, Louisville and Indianapolis or anywhere in between.
Mid-afternoon on day two you will be given time to rewrite and improve your presentation, adding in the knowledge you've learned on day two, before delivering it before the group.
OK - I understand if you are skeptical that I can take your skills to the next level and turn you into a great presenter, and are maybe reluctant to invest in one of my courses. Most people aim their presentations at their audience's Professor - the part responsible for rational analysis - without realizing that access to this is guarded by the more primitive, ancient, atavistic Lizard. We'll take your logical, ordered, businesslike presentation and learn how to 'spice it up'. The Lizard is like the brain's security; if your presentation doesn't get past the it (and most don't), the Professor never even gets a chance to see it.
Effective Presentations conducts powerful, results-driven Corporate Training in Indianapolis.   We are so confident in our programs that Effective Presentations offers a money back guarantee on all of our training workshops. At Effective Presentations we can help with our Business Presentation Skills training right here in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We focus on communication and presentation skills fundamental to business success, and we can train your staff on-site at your company in Indianapolis or at our designated training facility.

Effective Presentations Sales Training workshops teach sales building blocks, providing the skills necessary to become proficient at prospecting, establishing rapport, identifying needs, presenting creative solutions in any sales environment.  Effective Presentation’s proven, easy-to-apply basic sales formula is adaptable to any industry, product or service.
This module covers all of the above areas by using a variety of interactive and practical exercises which prepare the participants for their ultimate presentation.
Numbers on the St Louis course are deliberately restricted to a maximum of eight people, which makes it highly interactive and also gives you the opportunity to make two presentations without having to listen to dozens of others making theirs. How to identify your objective and what you're trying to achieve, the best presentation structure to use, 'elevator speeches', how to write your script in a logical way so it achieves the objective, how to open and close powerfully and how to prepare powerful, effective visual aides that support you.
I've offered this guarantee to everyone who's ever booked me to deliver presentation skills training because I know I can deliver, and have never had one person take me up on it.
In one study, exactly the same 10-minute presentation got positive feedback ratings of 84%, 52% and 28% (!!!!) depending on the hand gestures used. If you’re planning a company event or convention or simply an in-house training meeting, Effective Presentations can provide you with the perfect speaker to galvanize your team. Let us help you immediately close more sales in Indianapolis, and enjoy the benefits of becoming a master closer!

This course addresses these concepts using the latest trends in presentation design and delivery. The result is a presentation that's not only perfectly crafted to achieve your objective, but is also delivered in an interesting, engaging and memorable way.
The result is a presentation or speech that unsurprisingly often fails to achieve its objectives. At the St Louis Presentation Training course you'll learn how to structure your talk so that it's logical and easy to follow. At the St Louis Presentation Training course we'll look at how to use rhetoric to burn your words into your audience's minds.

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