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Human consciousness has been rocked in the last few years with two radical ideas: the Law of Attraction (or manifestation) and the Power of Now. It is quite simple, programs believes, and trapped emotions, if you are running a core believe that money is no good all the affirmations, mind movies, mantras, subliminal , beats gratitude the power of now and everything you can think of will not change anything, I have tried them all. Well if you could take your mind out of your head and completely clean it of every emotion and believe and reinsert only positive thoughts guess what, you would still end up where you are now sooner or later. Take everything in your life as a rewarding challenge that got you to where your now instead of labeling it negative or positive it is only energy . Universal laws or Principles must have there creator within them to give them power to work. NOW comes Eckhart Tolle with an unbelievably clear, powerful and succinct account of how and why our mind-based ego consciousness runs us, robs us of our birthright as humans, and why our society, at every turn, supports this process.

The current NOW is an accumulation of all of the past things you.ve thought , said , and done. There is a record you carry around of what the Now used to look like before you changed it. So, as today is never as good as the past times nor as glorious as the future ahead of us, we tend to disregard the things that happen right now. All the habits, good or bad, that were compounded day in and day out became what we are calling the NOW.
Oh sure, there was a God somewhere in Heaven, but here on Earth, our power to form and shape our lives had a lot to do with our luck, the family we were born into, or being in the right place at the right time.
And when you do that, you raise your vibration to be more attractive to more good experiences.

In other words, everything that you have ATTRACTED to you up to this point has created your NOW.
The Now is problem-free: as problems need to exist in time, the more you live in the present, the less life you give them. You could say that this way you acknowledge the truth of the law of attraction, which in turn brings you in the now, which in turn elevates your power for using the law of attraction consciously, which is exactly the power of now. Have higher quality thoughts, higher quality actions, and higher quality habits in the NOW and you.ll produce a higher quality FUTURE NOW.

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