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Learn the research and theories behind evidence based coaching and earn your Positive Psychology Certificate. Your live, interactive tele-webinar classes, which you can take from anywhere in the world, will introduce you to the research, theories, assessments and tools used by Positive Psychology Coaches to help their clients thrive. At School of Coaching Mastery, we help you do great work, so you can have the life and business you really want.
Two- and three-day courses for aspiring and established coaches who want a deeper understanding of how to accelerate coaching skills and empower individuals to break through to new levels of performance, productivity and optimal living.
This course covers the fundamental principles, theory, and techniques of Positive Psychology Coaching through a combination of lectures, case studies, demonstrations, readings, journal prompts, and optional student-to-student coaching sessions. Putting it all together to structure coaching relationships that help clients to identify, pursue, and achieve their goals. We estimate that most students will put in a total of two to three hours of preparation per week, plus the 90-minute class session itself and, for those who choose to participate, the hour-long peer coaching session. Lynda Wallace is a certified Positive Psychology Coach with a thriving practice offering career, life, and executive coaching to local clients in her office in Montclair, New Jersey, and to clients around the world by phone and video. Lynda left her business career to follow her bliss and study positive psychology and the science of effective coaching.
Nicole Stottlemyer is a coach, facilitator, and senior teaching assistant with Wholebeing Institute, and holds Wholebeing certificates in Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology Coaching. To achieve their goals, I show my life coaching clients how to gain more confidence, improve their relationships, attain better health, obtain higher salaries and increase their overall happiness. A few weeks ago, a coaching student asked me to talk about emotional intelligence during a course on positive psychology. Take Introduction to Positive Psychology for Coaches, approved for eight ICF CCE's (5 Core Competency hours, plus 3 Resource hours)! Positive psychology and emotional intelligence are distinct fields, so researchers explore them with different questions. Well, plenty of non-woo-woo experts from organizations such as Harvard University and the United States Army are embracing the value of Positive Psychology and life coaching is seen as a perfect delivery model for it.

Over this ten-week course we will connect the science of positive psychology to your coaching practice—providing you with the skills and techniques needed to help your clients identify, pursue, and achieve their coaching goals.
The essential principles and techniques of applying positive psychology in a coaching context. Structuring initial consultations, judging when coaching is appropriate, defining coaching goals and session plans, making effective use of journaling, and partnering for accountability. Storytelling: Encouraging clients to tell stories to generate insights, narrative coherence, and grounded positivity. Introduction to building a thriving practice by applying the principles of positive psychology to practice development, including marketing, communication, and client development. This course is a wonderful opportunity for seasoned and novice coaches alike to apply key positive psychology concepts directly to the coaching relationship. Online engagement is also fostered within the discussion forum—this is where students and faculty connect for questions and conversations about the course material.
Students who choose to participate in the peer coaching program will meet weekly in pairs for one hour to practice the techniques demonstrated in the most recent class and to offer each other candid, structured feedback intended to enhance skills and self-awareness.
Weekly reading assignments will consist of material from Positive Psychology and coaching literature.
An online course focused on the fundamental principles and techniques of Positive Psychology Coaching. Finally, if you're a great coach, you're probably curious about Positive Psychology and what it can do for your clients.
Positive psychology explores what helps people lead happier, more successful lives and become their own best selves. Introduction to Positive Psychology for Coaches will help you leverage the research, theories, assessments and applications of Positive Psychology and use them within your own coaching.
Positive psychology also suggests specific interventions and practices that can be effectively integrated into the coaching relationship..
Just as important, studying positive psychology and emotional intelligence can help you understand what really works and what does not.

I just come back from an immersion program with Tal Ben Sahar (Harvard professor on Happiness), which is part of a 11 months certification on positive psychology.
Lynda’s pragmatic approach creates a straightforward yet powerful way to both deepen your understanding of positive psychology, as well as improve your ability to make a difference in your life and the life of others.
Our student support manager and technology team are here to foster your positive learning environment. At the start of the course, students will be given the opportunity to opt in or out of the peer coaching sessions.
She earned a Certificate in Positive Psychology from Wholebeing Institute and certification as a Positive Psychology Coach from Dr.
Normally, there is an extra $100 charge to get your Positive Psychology  Certificate, but we're currently waving that fee, so you save $100, if you register for the upcoming course! Although coaches work primarily with positive attitudes and feelings, we need exceptional emotional intelligence to coach our clients and sometimes our clients need us to teach emotional intelligence to them, so they can navigate their feelings and relationships, while working toward success and greater happiness. Become a certified positive psychology coach with training from school of coaching mastery. Formed in 1995, today the ICF is the leading global organization, with over 20,000 members, dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of credentialed coaches. Students who opt in will be making a commitment to participate in a one-hour peer coaching session during each week of the course. I would love to have you join me on my radio show Emotional Wisdom Training talking about Emotional Intelligence and coaching.
Blending the wisdom embedded in fairy tales with positive psychology The Way of the Fairy Godmother is grounded in practical applications to enrich life!

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