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AIM has a 75 year history of innovation and thought leadership in the field of management education. Managing people and organizations in our current fast paced business world is a genuine challenge.
Attraction to be fulfilled organizational management course outline is by working out day-to-day but have adequate material to make your personal Manifestation.
To achieve this, we will use a basic project management framework in which the project life-cycle is broken into organizing, planning, monitoring, controlling and learning from old and current construction projects (See Figure 1).
The material in the course is divided into five major sections (see Figure 1): project organization, project planning, project monitoring, project control, and project learning. In what follows, we describe in some detail the material covered in each major section of the course. Project organization involves evaluating possible projects, selecting contracting type, including a payment scheme, selection method, and delivery type.
Project learning is recognized by organizations as one of the most important factors for success in current and future projects.

Students taking 1.401 (the graduate student version of the class) will be expected to complete additional assignments (AS #6) during the course of the term.
The term project for this course is divided into three phases with three deliverables (TP1 through TP3) - one for each phase - and is to be performed by a set of students working as a company. Assignments, problem sets and term projects are seen as educational devices to help students master the course material. Assignments, problem sets and term projects help the faculty evaluate how well each student has mastered the course material. If you have any questions about how these policies relate to a specific situation, please speak to the teaching staff of this course for clarification. It is based on the principle that great management skills start with a higher level of awareness of self and others and adopting a 360° approach to managing and leading. To stay competitive companies have sought to shorten the construction times of new infrastructure by managing construction development efforts effectively by using different project management tools.
The project control section of the course describes techniques to help realign projects that have gone awry.

In this course we will introduce the system dynamics simulation methodology for evaluating certain performance parameters of a project. Homework is to be submitted before 12 midnight on their respective due dates also shown in the course outline. With high and mid-management personnel in mind, this program is developed to fortify their leadership position as individual and within the organization.
A follow-on to choosing a delivery type is the selection of an appropriate project organization-structure and establishing the organizational breakdown structure (OBS) for the project.

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