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Canadian Business College’s Business Management diploma program trains students in fundamental skills utilized in a variety of professional settings. Graduates of Canadian Business College’s Business Management program will earn a Professional Sales Certificate (PSC) from the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA). The Professional Sales Certificate (PSC) is offered in conjunction with the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA). They work closely with management colleagues throughout all levels of a company on a variety of project-based and proactive initiatives.
This program will prepare you for the paralegal licensing […]Paramedic – Advanced Care (hybrid delivery graduate certificate)This program is designed for students with previous education. The Project Leadership Certificate will benefit new and existing project leaders and program managers from a wide variety of industries and job functions, such as IT, finance, operations, human resources, and product and process management. The program offers a foundation in business subjects, including core courses in marketing and e-commerce, business law and management.

There is an emphasis on business operations, leadership skills, communications techniques, business planning, sales, project management, and entrepreneurship. Graduates from Canadian Business College’s Business Management program can seek careers in many professions, including Project Management, Retailing, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Sales, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship, among others. Many roles are performed by HR professionals […]Information Systems Security – Computers and Networking (graduate certificate)This program is designed for students with previous education (please see the entrance requirements section of this page for more detail).
Through a flexible delivery model, you will obtain […]Project Management (graduate certificate)To remain competitive in a global economy, organizations are using project management processes to shorten project development cycles, respond quickly and effectively to opportunities, re-evaluate their processes, capitalize on the technical knowledge within the organization and control costs. Individual contributors and front line managers wanting to make more informed project management decisions by understanding the various aspects of project management. In only three semesters, this program will give you the knowledge and skills required to perform research and information management tasks for private businesses, non-profit enterprises […]Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution (graduate certificate)This program is approved by the ADR Institute of Ontario, Inc. Career changers and job seekers who would like to become more marketable, develop increasingly important project management skills, and become a stronger applicant for a variety of jobs.

It is accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada and meets the rigorous competencies set for paralegals by the society. The Certificate will also appeal to those whose role requires significant cross-functional interaction and co-operation.
You will develop well-rounded project management effectiveness by expanding your knowledge in the key functional areas of project management. Whether formally holding a Project Leader title, or simply acknowledging that your role increasingly requires managing one or more projects, this certificate will provide you with a solid foundation in all aspects of project leadership – allowing you to create better results in your workplace.

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