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Check today’s Kerala lottery result, we update all the lottery results here in below everyday.
Beside its scenic beauty, the state of back waters is also famous for its state own lotteries.
In Kerala, Six bumper lotteries are there and all those are targeted to a special event or occasion i;e New Year, X’mas etc.
Lotteries’ numbers of Kerala carry unique eight digit numbers that starts with two alphabets. You may be surprised and surely will get confused on the topic if we ask you the same- “How the Governments arrange the sum for the lotteries”. Kerala’s Lottery draws are arranged in a neutral venue where all the tickets of the lotteries are kept in transparent drum attached parallel to a round shaped steel hand drive shaft.
If the lottery number comes from the unsold ticket bunch then the process are repeated till a winner is selected from the sold ticket bunch. First of all, if you get a prize amount below 1 lakh then you can claim it from district lottery office but if the prize amount exceeds 1 lakhs then you should claim it from Director of State Lotteries.
Within 30 days from the draw date you have to submit the following the details to claim your prize from Kerala state lottery. If the winner is minor then you should collect guardianship certificate from the competent authority before submitting documents in lottery dept.

Criteria to be an authorized Kerala lottery agent– First and foremost point is, you have to be at least 18 years old and the following criteria is, you must have a Government ID card (ID Proof). Enlistment Procedure for an authorized Lottery Agent Kerala– If you meet the above mentioned criteria then you can easily get the enlistment certificate. Check your lottery tickets here, whether your lottery number is there in the list of winners or not. First alphabet signifies the scheme (Name of the Lottery scheme) and the second one represents the series of the lotteries. After pouring all the tickets in the drum, chairman of the lottery committee rotates the handle of the drum to mix up the all tickets. If your lottery ticket number comes up as the winning one, then like many you also may get confused and may be thinking on how to claim the prize money. You will need to submit the following documents along with your Kerala lottery ticket (original). For that you need to submit your credentials and deposit INR 200 in any district lottery offices. Here we have given a detailed guideline on “How to claim your prize money in Kerala State Lottery draw”.
With seven weekly lotteries and six bumper lotteries Kerala’s lottery dept gives away prizes worth rupees Lakhs in INR in a financial year.

Then government sums up the unclaimed funds and transfer the funds to the lottery department. Kerala State Lottery dept is strengthen by 35000 plus direct authorized agents and over 1 lakh retail lottery sellers throughout the fourteen districts of the state. Here, Kerala Lottery results, in below, we have given a compact and precise idea on Kerala lotteries, Types of lotteries, Kerala lottery draws, How to claim the prize money in Kerala lottery draw and how to become an authorized and registered license holder or agent of Kerala state lotteries. Scammers are very prevalent in the lotto industry these days, so you better be skeptic. In an online lottery, result history are archived and kept available for the perusal of the customers. The players can check the dividends and past results anytime and use it as their reference for future bets. Once this is done, you can rest assure that all results are being monitored and notified to you through your account.

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