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Online Learning Articles located on this page are dedicated to the online learning students of the world.
Online learning is a trend that is sure to gain more acceptance in the future as more and more people accept technology as a learning vehicle. A short article about mobile learning and applications to assist you with your online education. This week the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released the most thorough breakdown yet of students who take distance education classes in the United States, providing a level of in-depth insight that previously was unavailable. Hear how the motto “play, create, share, reflect” provides a framework for both students and instructors to explore and apply technologies within a safe online environment. A common misconception of online learning is that the distance between students and their instructors is too great for the instructor to truly have their presence felt in class.
Dawn Marie Gaid is an environmental sciences academic adviser for online students at Oregon State University.
A panel of experienced online instructors from Oregon State University share their strategies to help you make the discussion board an effective part of your class.

The Instructional Technology Council put community colleges under the microscope in its 2013 Distance Education Survey Results, but the findings certainly have implications for higher education as a whole. An article that explores potential future concepts and trends in online education and online learning. A page dedicated to online learning articles and stories written by our staff related to online education. This is the 12th annual report in a series that tracks the nature, extent and trends in online higher education in the United States through use of institutional data and responses from chief academic officers.
Using the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), the findings shed light on the impact of distance education courses on enrollment at the state level.
Faculty who teach online with Oregon State University Ecampus prove that simply isn’t true, however.
Check out the Online Learning Advisor's Practical Guide to an Online Education available on Amazon. Using survey responses from more than 2,800 colleges and universities and IPEDS data for 4,891, this study is aimed at answering fundamental questions about the nature and extent of online education.

Aduviri is an instructor for OSU’s College of Education in the ESOL Bilingual Program. Watch and learn how you might apply this same approach to various facets of your online course.
An education is a big decision, this artilce highlights some advantages to getting your education online. Online learning and the online education industry constantly produce new and exciting stories on a regular basis.

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