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When finances are tight, consider earning transfer credits through online community college courses.
The number of transfer credits allowed will depend upon the standing of the institution(s) attended, the nature of the courses taken, and the grades earned. Credit will be awarded for a course(s) completed at an institution that is deemed degree-granting by a post secondary regional accrediting commission, at the time the coursework was completed, if the student has earned a grade of “C-” or better.
Upon the completion of the residency requirement and satisfaction of the academic progress requirement, the unofficial evaluation will be validated, and the courses will transfer as noted on the official evaluation. A maximum of 67 semester hours of credit may be transferred from all two-year or community colleges. PBA follows ACE (American Council on Education) recommendations for credit by examination and publish our guidelines for awarding credit for AP and CLEP.

News University Directory can match you with online programs that meet your education criteria in a few simple steps. PBA declines to accept transfer credit of a grade lower than a “C-” (exception to this policy provided for in The Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida Community College Articulation Agreement Manual).
The proposed transfer course should be comparable to, though not an exact equivalent of, an approved PBA Global Studies or Social Science Elective selected for the particular major.
Only credits from institutions with accreditation recognized by the Department of Education are transferable to PBA. A student presenting accredited transfer credit from an institution that was not accredited as degree granting by a post secondary regional accrediting commission at the time the coursework was completed may seek credit validation upon the successful completion of 30 credit hours at PBA (with a 2.0 PBA cumulative GPA or higher). The University reserves the right to make the determination of credits awarded outside of ACE guidelines.

A student may not receive upper-level credit at PBA for a course completed elsewhere for lower-level credit. Transient credit will not be approved to satisfy Global Studies or Social Science electives. Today, 26 percent of students are taking classes online with 46 percent intending to transfer.Jumps says many of the guest students at Glendale are taking courses covering subjects they have struggled with in the past or are taking a challenging course over the summer so they can devote more time to it.

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