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During the NLP Practitioner Certification I share with you the effective and powerful tools I have used helping people for a decade to achieve success, happiness, better relationships, peace of mind and fulfillemnt. Through my training you will get a real understanding of how to use NLP to improve your own life and work.
I have insisted on keeping the groups small to enable the best possible learning environment. I want you to be able to incorporate NLP into your everyday life and use it both personally and professionally and the only way to do that is to keep groups small so that you can integrate the skills properly.
Materials are updated on a yearly basis to make sure you get the most up to date and fresh NLP. To date I have trained 100s of NLP Practitioners and NLP Master Practitioners in this way that have gone out to achieve amazing things. Limiting the groups means that each student gets the full benefit of the powerful tools and techniques of NLP and can apply them effectively to their own situation. I also provide support and mentoring after the course is finished for those who feel they want further support and development.
NLP is a powerful set of tools and techniques that you can apply in almost any area for greater success, achievement, fulfillment and happiness.
With your NLP Practitioner Certification you can embark on a rewarding and fulfilling career as an NLP Coach and help people transform their lives. Knowing NLP can give you a great advantage at work as it teaches effective and elegant communication skills and how to influence others in a collaborative way.
These tools are not just for use on clients or at work, but for you and your own life. You can, as I did when I first learnt NLP in 2006, use NLP to powerfully transform your life, to become the person you really want to be, and to create the life that is a true reflection of all that you are.
If you have the sense that you are not living life at your full potential, that something is a bit off, or wrong, or you feel a powerful drive to support and help others in a way that lets them become empowered and transform their lives, then this NLP Practitioner is right for you.
Through this NLP Practitioner Certification training you will learn ways to empower yourself so that you are able to change your situation take charge of the direction of your life and live life on your own terms.
Your clients will feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled. Our courses are of the highest quality, with limited group sizes, clear selection criteria and a learning environment that ensure that each student excels and becomes a powerful NLP Practitioner as a result of the training. As an NLP Life Coach, you’ll be able to coach and champion people, you’ll  have the skills to help them overcome blocks that hinder their success, to feel happier, freer, more in control and more on purpose. Upon qualifying as an NLP Practitioner you can call yourself a certified NLP Practitioner and see paying clients. Whether it’s a job interview or a competition, winning a client or being the one chosen, with the skills that you learn from NLP it makes it much easier for you to win and succeed. The NLP training is easy, fun and playful even though you’ll be learning many serious, powerful, and life altering skills. The NLP Practitioner is a respected international qualification, providing you’ve learned via a reputable school with a qualified trainer. The skills you gain on your NLP training will help you progress at work, because you will find your communication and influencing skills so improved. Your NLP Practitioner qualification also affords you the right to see paying clients. Being an NLP coach is a rewarding career because with these skills you will take charge of your own life, and help people take charge of theirs.
Upon qualification you can apply to the ANLP – the only independent voice for NLP in the UK. It is not surprising that so many people become passionate about NLP after doing their NLP practitioner training, especially if they’ve had a good, knowledgeable trainer who is able to bring life, enthusiasm and clarity to the subject. The field is absolutely fascinating. There is nothing entirely new in NLP since it is all gleaned from the greatest mankind has every achieved, yet it is entirely new to most people who have not had the time or the exposure or the finances to spend thousands of hours studying hundreds of laborious difficult books trying to make sense of it all.
NLP was developed at the University of Santa Cruise, California in the early 1970’s by a group of students and professors.

NLP became famous for its incredibly quick and effective techniques, such as the Fast Phobia cure and the Six Step Reframe for removing habits and creating weight loss, yet NLP is far more than the techniques, it is the attitude and methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques, and it is a set of building blocks and tools from which more techniques may be created.
NLP techniques offer some particularly useful help for businesses in the areas of change management, sales, leadership, dispute management, recruitment, motivation and consulting. The NLP Practitioner Training will help you steer your life in the direction you want it to go, by teaching you powerful goal setting techniques, action planning and how to draw on all the resources of the human mind. The NLP Practitioner Training will help you achieve and progress faster and more effectively than you ever could without it.
By applying the tools and techniques that you learn on your NLP Practitioner Training on yourself you will be able to resolve the issues that have held you back and stopped you from being as successful and happy as you know you should be. The NLP Practitioner Training will help you influence and communicate effectively with people from any walk of life, be it your directors, CEO, bank managers, clients, colleagues or team mates.
As an NLP Coach or NLP therapist you will help people resolve the issues, so they become happier, freer, and more relaxed. The NLP Practitioner Certification is seven days jam packed with amazing, life changing learning and insights! Because NLP is such an effective and powerful set of tools, it has become much sought after in recent years all over the world.
Tam has trained with the leaders in her field and is a fully qualified Life Coach and NLP therapist, Trainer, Havening Practitioner,  NLP Master Practitioner, Registered Nurse and Hypnotherapist.
She has studied with some of the best trainers in the world such as the co-founders of NLP, Dr John Grinder and Richard Bandler, as well as world-renowned Hypnotherapists Paul McKenna and Dr Keith Hearne. Prior to re-discovering her purpose in Coaching and NLP, Tam has 18 years’ experience in Nursing, Training and Management Leadership, previously working as a Nurse Manager and Matron of a busy London Emergency Department and as an Independent Nurse Practitioner  and professional trainer.
Trained to the highest standards in the most up to date, innovate and advanced techniques in NLP with both of the co- founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler as well as  NLP Master Trainers. Continually updating and developing her coaching and NLP expertise by attending advanced trainings in the UK and abroad, alongside assisting on NLP training courses. I have known Tam for a few years now and she was one of the first people to coach me following the completion of my own NLP Practitioner, when I identified further areas I wanted to develop and past patterns I wanted to let go of. NLP therapist, Life Coaching,Havening Techniques Hypnotherapy and Time based techniques from an expert NLP Master Practitioner in central London. NLP has been described as the art and science of communication but I would go further and describe it as personal training for your brain.
I first encountered NLP a few years ago and was interested in knowing how it could help me be more productive. To unlock the fascinating world of NLP and to start to discover your full potential, book a session with me now. Once the deposit has been received you will be registered onto the November NLP Practitioner course.
Because I have used NLP in the real world for almost a decade both with clients and myself, you will get a thorough and deep understanding of how the skills work and how to apply them to your own life so that you can have the success, achievement and mind set that you know will enable you to live a fulfilling, meaningful and happy life.
It brings happiness and joy to those who are suited to it and the great thing about being an NLP coach is that- once you have trained with a skilled trainer and know how to use it properly, NLP is so effective, and the results you get are powerfully measurable. Noticing people changing their behaviors, their relationship with themselves and their families and seeing them achieving success makes the work as therapist incredibly fulfilling. Receiving glorious endorsement is wonderful too! With practice you will become elegant and effective with NLP and you will be able to use it in practice. Once you’ve done your NLP Practitioner Certification training, you’ll have some awesome skills and useful abilities to affect your communication with others.

The NLP Practitioner Training gives you an unfair advantage over others because you’ll learn how to ‘read’ people, how to predict what they’ll do or think, what makes them tick, what motivates them, and how to influence and persuade them. NLP clearly explains in simple language how and why you do what you do, how and why you feel what you feel, and how to change easily and effortlessly. It is true that NLP has suffered by poor quality trainers, and by people and trainers using NLP but without a strong ethical or moral code. There you can gain their support and be listed on their website as a qualified NLP Practitioner.
Nowadays many people in business have an NLP Practitioner Certification behind them, even if they don’t talk about it.
Your NLP will help you step into your personal power, take charge of your life and create a powerful life the way you want it to be.
NLP gives you invaluable tools and skills sets to help you access your focus, motivation and drive, success, flow and confidence and self belief even when the going gets tough. NLP is a prestigious, professional, well reputed, internationally recognized qualification, and yet you do not need to have any prior qualifications such as a school, college or a university degree to do it.
NLP tools are ideal for supporting health, time management, presentations and business goals, etc.
Through NLP clients have resolved limited and fearful thinking, found purpose, success and achievement, and discovered that passion and flame within that gives direction and meaning to life, and how they want to live it.
You can use these tools within your personal life, as well as with private clients, if you chose to become an NLP Coach. NLP also helps you focus and clarify your thinking and the essence of NLP is modelling, you can use this to model success or anything that somebody does well. The NLP Practitioner Certification Training can be likened to a ‘tool box’ of mental, emotional and physical skills, tools and techniques collected from all forms of effective excellence in all walks of life. Most of the tools, skills and techniques in NLP today came from modelling the excellence of exemplary people. ANLP has done a lot of work over recent years to maintain and keep the standards of NLP to a certain level, to clean up the field of unqualified trainers, and to promote good practice in NLP. Many of these have already been clearly mapped by NLP masters and are available for you to install in yourself on your NLP training. ANLP is the independent body for NLP in the UK and work hard to support quality and academic advancement of the field. The reason is that NLP offers such an advantage in so many different aspects of communication and success.
When I started studying NLP I realised that I had been practicing or incorporating many of the techniques my whole life.
The secrets behind prosperity, success, achievement and brilliant human performance of every description have been studied and modelled by NLP masters for about 30 years now. They are a not for profit organisation and they have done a lot for NLP in recent years and they deserve our support. The NLP Practitioner training gives you these skills plus it teaches you how to influence others.

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