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Ask any coach what distinguishes a good athlete from a great one and they’ll tell you that great athletes are both physically and mentally trained. In fact, mental training or the mind games we play with ourselves is one of the most overlooked aspects of a well-rounded training program. We give the topic a lot of lip service but rarely do we actively engage in training to make us mentally stronger.
We believe the athletes’ ability is never limited, but often does not exceed their own thinking capacity. We train coaches and athletic trainers on implementing the most effective tools to move athletes’ to their elite level. The B3 Mental Performance program will teach your athletes a holistic approach engaging and developing the whole person. Learn more about Isaac’s revolutionary system to develop, maximize and sustain athletic ability! Battle-proven techniques and training to help amateur athletes reach their peak performance!
Loren is founder of Expert Sports Performance and an internationally recognized sports performance expert who works with some of the highest-ranked athletes in the nation.
As a lecturer of sport psychology at Cal State Northridge (CSUN) and a Performance Consultant, Aaron trains athletes in the mental skills needed for successful performance. About Isaac ByrdHeralded as "the best athlete to come out of Missouri in 25 years", Isaac went on to a successful college and pro career. To be successful in sport, athletes must possess all the required skills, techniques and abilities necessary for his or her sport. When under-performing, most athletes will head back into training and make changes to such things as technique, equipment, training strategy or coaching, when in fact the real challenges lie in the mental aspect of sport. By combining mental training along with the physical demands of sport, athletes become fully equipped for peak performance.

ALL athletes of any age, level, or sport who are looking to take their performance to the next level! Sports Psychology for Peak PerformanceSports Psychology in Athletics for Athletes, Coaches, and Sports ParentsConnect with Mental Coach Dr. December 6, 2013 By Patrick Cohn Leave a Comment All athletes have coaches or trainers that physically prepare them for competition. February 27, 2013 By Patrick Cohn Leave a Comment As a sports coach, you spend most of your practice time working on refining the physical skills of your athletes so they can perform well in competition. February 17, 2013 By Patrick Cohn Leave a Comment Many athletes and coaches think that sports psychologists only teach mental imagery and goals setting. January 28, 2013 By Patrick Cohn Leave a Comment Improving the mental game with sports psychology books or CDs for some athletes is a simple and effective option.
January 17, 2013 By Patrick Cohn Leave a Comment If your young athlete has trouble staying composed in competition, loses confidence or composure after mistakes, or does not perform well in competition compared to practice, then one-on-one mental training is the best option to help your athletes improve his or her mental game. December 26, 2012 By Patrick Cohn Leave a Comment At Peak Performance Sports, we understand that mental training with athletes using sports psychology strategies is only the first step to improving performance. It is now accepted that the point of difference between top athletes is their mental abilities. This page explains mental skills and techniques whilst the Mental Practise page shows practical ways of implementing them. Usually used in conjunction with mental imagery, which, when spoken or thought about, automatically represent an action, strategy or process which has been practiced. Relaxation is the technique to reduce mental stress and anxiety levels and to reduce muscle tension. In the mental sense routines are actions which automatically trigger practiced points of concentration either mental or physical during a quiet time in competition. B3 Mental Performance will teach your athletes how to unlock their minds and reach peak performance.

Although these issues are certainly within our scope of practice, the main purpose of mental training is to help athletes develop an overall competitive edge and to help take them to the next level of athletic performance. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions about why athletes choke or under perform in competition.
Athletes spend a tremendous amount of hours honing their technique, working on game plans and competition strategy and physical conditioning in hopes of achieving success.
Our ultimate goal is for athletes to take this education and apply it to their sports performance.
Experts will teach skills in somatic psychology, biofeedback, relaxation, mindfulness, elite mental training, energy recognition, laser focus, covert sensitization, mental toughness, and 3 POP-points of performance.
He is currently the Director of Clinical Training for the Indiana University Sport and Performance Training Program for their Athletic Department.
Elite athletes recognize that, in terms of physical ability, the playing field is relatively even. However, many athletes are not familiar with what sports psychologists and mental game experts do.
Mental training for sports helps athletes and team improve mental skills for competition to improve consistency in performance. Mental imagery has a place in sport psychology, but it’s only about two percent of what we teach athletes at Peak Performance Sports. You learn how to improve and maintain confidence, focus, composure, and what’s referred to as mental toughness. Haugen’s sport psychology practice focuses providing individual therapy to adolescents and adult athletes dealing with clinical and sport-related issues.

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