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The most attractive feature is that Meditation is free, it can be practiced by anyone, anytime and it has no side effects. In fact, not only just money, you can manifest for yourself success, power, good relationship, great career, new job or anything else that you deeply desire.
The practice of meditation and visualization clears the blockages if any, to help create money, wealth, success and abundance. Alignment with Universe and practice of meditation helps in promoting spiritual growth & enlightenment.
Some fine suggestions before you get set to start your practice of this beautiful technique, is that your desire to make money must be through ethical method and it should be spiritually aligned.
Visualize yourself swimming through the money, touching the currency notes with your hands!
As with all manifestation techniques, you have to take up your emotions — really feeling and experiencing the joy and excitement outlined in the meditation — is the best way to kick the law of attraction to move in your favour. In fact, not only just money, you can manifest for yourself success, power or anything else that you deeply desire. If you have a radionics machine with dials and sticky plates you can dial up number codes and place them inside your Neo meditation cube and meditate while your radionics machine is actively in use.

In the new age and even before, people have been advocating, teaching and practicing Meditation, Affirmations, Visualization, Law of Attraction etc. For example feel the money in your hands, see the color of currency notes, smell the fresh ink and crispy paper. The money is coming like a rain from the clouds above, entering the roof of your house, and filling up your room!
Stay for a while with this feeling of abundance, and also experience the feelings of JOY, SECURITY, and EXCITEMENT this money brings to you. This is why meditation is so important, by meditating a minimum of 11 minutes a day you can learn to focus better and clear your mind of all the chatter that creates doubt and false beliefs which are then alchemically transmuted into that of love, inner happiness, and joy.
If you like to try emptiness meditation with your neo cube simply find a quiet place and let go of your thoughts and fall into a state of mental emptiness (free of discriminative thought). Using their knowledge of the occult they have performed black magic rituals on the money supply to ensure money continues to flow in their direction. The success, its quality and the speed of manifestation and how much money you manifest will vary from person to person and from time to time even for the same person. Since manifestation requires a strong belief some individuals who are new to this may prefer the assistance of guided meditations and imagery in their focusing process.

The intent well is found inside the cube and the target will be that which you bring into your mind through your meditation process.
This meditation will help you sever your silver cord from the eye of the masonic pyramid while creating a holographic crystal in your pineal gland which reverses the flow of money energy from the cabalists into your hands. At the same time your neighbours are also receiving money, signifying that there is more than enough for everyone.
In the new age and even before, people have been advocating, teaching and practicing Meditation, Visualization, Law of Attraction etc.
Guided imagery can help those who want a less hands on approach to their meditation experience.

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