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In the initial stages of visualization, it’s best to identify as many aspects about this manifestation as you can.  For example, if you want to attract a new car, take the time to figure out the exact model and all of the options that you would optimally want.
Manage your thoughts during your visualization to ensure that they focus only on the wanted.
This is the most important step and the one most people get stuck on.  After you’ve properly defined what you want and immersed yourself in the vision, you must let go in order for manifestation to occur! Do not obsess over this visualization any more.  You have done your job of visualizing exactly what you want, now you must send the universe a message that you expect for it to arrive.

Again, to manifest your dream using the Law of Attraction, visualization is important, but you must take care to visualize in a way that draws your dream closer rather than pushes it away.
Please remember to be specific, focus on the wanted, let the universe decide the “hows,” immerse yourself in the feeling of having and (most importantly) let go when you have completed your visualization.
The meditation I’m speaking of, and the kind that will quickly manifest your life partner, is better described as an Inquiry Meditation.
There is a second part to the meditation, but you’re better off not knowing what it is until you’ve completed the part I just described.

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